Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Bonjourno from Roma

There is so much to say about this place where to even start?

First and most importantly - everything I had heard about how good the coffee is - well IT'S TRUE! And cheap - you can get the best Long Black/Americano you've ever had for about €1 - that's about NZ$2!!!!

Anyway, we arrived in Rome about 7:20am Monday morning and pretty much walked straight out of the airport after grabbing our bags, we had to walk through a checkpoint but the guard only gave the passports the most cursory of glances and didn't even stamp them - that was it! Caught the train for €11 each to the Termini station and walked to the B&B. As we were early we just dropped our gear off and headed into the madness (scooters and I think about 10 Million Smart Cars) - no Italian required yet though!

Just down the road we found our first ancient site - part of the original city walls. And then a market place where Molly was acosted by an ancient Italian woman (who incidently met all the stereotypes) who we think, though Monique was one of her missing children??? Most amusing. Kept wandering found what Kiwi's would consider a huge cathedral (and probably just a little chapel for the Romans) Basillica de San Giovanni Laterano (doesn't that just sound cool - and try saying it without putting on an accent)! Anyway, by now it was about 4pm so we headed back to the B&B and milled around until dinner time - finally managing to grab a shower after about 40 hours!

Dinner was Pizza by the way...

Day 2 - the Colleseum (click the link to prove we were there) , Palantine Hill, Roman Forum and Tiber River. Yep all those squished into just one day. Paid €21 each for a tour of the Colleseum and got the Palantine Hill thrown in for free - and well worth it to. Didn't have to queue for 2 hours and from the commentary, well lets just say, Russel Crowe and Hollowood have a lot to answer for in their take on the Gladiators! Words don't really do this one justice, just the fact that you are standing in a place that is nearly 2000 years old - quite humbling really.

Walked down the Via Sacra in the Roman Forum - the road that all the Generals and conquering Roman armies walked down when returning to Rome triumphant - again the history and age of the place is just overwhelming! Then it rained and we hid a church (there are only 900 in the city of Rome to choose from incidently). After it cleared we took some random streets that belonged on postcards - narrow little lanes with ivy, scooters and more Smart cars! Then across the Tiber - via the little island where you can get an icecream for only €10 - not sure how they sell, they're about €3 everywhere else!

From here we pretty just meandered back to the B&B, via the sunset over the Colleseum (because why not eh.) A heck of a lot of walking today - maybe not so much tomorrow =)

Ciao everyone

In Transit, suffering Cabbagitis


How is everyone. Man were we glad to get off planes and out of airports!!!!!

Our flights were pretty good considering, on each flight we had our own screens and cramped legroom thrown in for free - don't ya just love cattle/economy class!
The service was all pretty good - unlike the italian keyboard we are currently using - what on earth is § used for?

Speaking of unknowns - check out the link - bonus points if you can tell us what a wife cake is! This was taken at HK airport in case you couldn't guess. If you click the orange arrow next to the message title - the photo will popup.

Anyway, our plan of not sleeping (well Monique did - but what else is new there =) until the HK to Rome leg worked well and we managed to get in to Rome at 7am actually feeling not too bad and without suffering any jetlag - slept well that first night though!

Scott & Monique

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Slept like logs - NOT

Well after a hectic night packing, weighing and re-packing we managed to grab a couple of hours sleep before getting bright as buttons (the proverbial yeah right!) for the drive to Auckland with Craig and Lynda (thanks heaps for that by the way guys =) So just the flight to Sydney with seven hours there (will be catching up with Dad & family (Scott's Dad) there thankfully), the flight to Hong Kong (only 2 hours in transit there) and then the big one - only 13 short hours to Italy!

So with our final night in the land of the long white cloud rapidly disappearing it's finally sinking in that in no time at all we'll be in Rome enjoying perfect coffee, amazing sights and of course long smelly queues! We've been given a list of things that we absolutely, definitely, totally can't miss and have to see - luckily the list is pretty much the same from most people so fingers crossed it'll work!

Not totally sure what our plans are from there, hoping to head to the South of Italy (not just the Amalfi coast but right to the heel) and head back North in time for Milan (in the middle of April) - more details to follow (as we make them).

Next entry will most likely be from another continent!

Stay cool 'till after school
- Scott & Molly

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Testing 1,2,3...

As I said above
Testing 1,2,3...

If you are reading this and you're wondering why there isn't more information this close to us leaving... Well have you actually met me (Scott that is)? Molly on the other hand is very organised!

Anyway - still playing with templates etc. will hopefully get there prior to leaving.