Saturday, 21 July 2007

on a happier note

We finally catch up on the blog and you lot get slack and stop writing comments!! You lot keep this up and I will have to go on strike!

To be fair I have noticed on that it has been a little damp in your part of the world. You will happy to note that it has been raining here for the past 3 days as well. I got stuck at the cafe this morning when it started bucketing down out of no where and I had forgotten my umbrella. I forgot to mention my trusty umbrella from Kathmandu that only just survived the trip up the Eiffel tower, I actually left on a bus about 2 weeks ago. (Brought back memories of that trip we had to Aussie Nan there have however been no tomato sauce incidents). My new umbrella you don't have to push up, you press a button on the handle and it pops open ( I really wanted to use pung in that sentence to wind up Scott but couldn't quite make it fit) it could really do someone an injury if you open it in the wrong place, handy when you have your arms full though.

Scott is out mountain biking with the guys from work, it's his 2nd trip and he was afraid this morning that they wouldn't be as easy on him this time. He was absolutely exhausted when he got home last time so I expect he will sleep well tonight.

I've spent the afternoon being a domestic goddess, I've done a load of washing and I was going to just cook tea when I was hungry and he could reheat it but as it's spagetti bolognase I don't think it will nuke all that well with out going chewy so I might just hang out a bit longer.

Yay the last Harry Potter book comes out on Saturday!! I just hope I don't hear what happens before I manage to get a copy. I can't really justify buying a "kids book" (as Scott puts it not my words) when we need stuff for the apartment. Probably should get a bookshelf before I start collecting books in saying that we already have a good start on that collection.

Also on Saturday I've got an interview at a design store not far from our apartment. Cool funky shop with exposed brick walls and heaps of Starck stuff ( Philippe Starck is my design idol for those of you who don't know) and marimeko fabrics.

I just had a ring from Scott they didn't end up going mountain biking after all, he's been helping to diagnose a problem at Vancouver wharves.

Well thats about all for now my pretties. Hope you guys don't float away.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Much ado about nothing

The weather is a bit cooler today it had a go at trying to rain at some point this morning, (I missed it i was in bed hehehe) hopefully it stays cooler tonight, haven't been sleeping to well because its so hot. Job hunting is a lot harder here because we haven't go access to the internet 24/7, and you don't feel like you can stay in the cafe all day, besides one can only have so many hot chocolates in one day.

My cold is still hanging in there, no where near as bad as it was last week but it hasn't completely gone either.
I'm at a bit of a loose end today, it's fine when you are on a mission but when you aren't it's a bit lonely with Scott at work, aimlessly walking around town isn't as interesting by yourself. So I'm sitting here listening to Bic Runga writing a blog entry about nothing, and blowing my nose every 2 seconds.

We can't wait to move into our apartment, we keep thinking of random things we are going to need. You instantly think of things like a bed, pots, plates etc but we will also need a vacum cleaner (scott doesn't think a carpet sweeper will cope with all my hair), a toilet brush, a washing basket and of course loo paper. Its all the things you take for granted at home that we haven't had to deal with over the past 16 and a half weeks (yes i couldn't quite believe it had been that long either just worked it out on a calendar). The list just keeps getting longer and longer so far we have got cooking utensils as we saw them on sale the other day. We went around Metrotown (a reallly huge get lost easily its so huge shopping mall here) and took note of good prices and which shops they were in so it will be quicker when we can move in. Unfortunately we can't really start buying a lot of things as we have no room to store them at the hostel although our room is bigger than the room we had in Toronto.

Another weird thing we keep forgetting to mention we keep seeing Canadian jade in souvenir shops, and unlike chinese jade it looks exactly like greenstone. It must be really plentiful here though because they seem to have really big bits of it, and it isn't as expensive as it would be at home. It was a bit of a "what the?" moment the first time we saw it.

I think when we get into the apartment I am going to have to make some condensed milk salad dressing, as most of the dressings I've tasted here are quite bland. I got some coleslaw at the supermarket yesterday that wasn't very flavoursome it was a nice change but needed more dressing. I think I'm going to need quite a few recipes sent over to remind us of home. We found a Scottish shop the other day (when we went to have a look at Gastown which is the oldest part of the city) but there was only a couple of things that we recognised from home and most of those we can get here eg crunchie bars, HP sauce. We have started writing a list of things we want sent over so far we have got an Edmonds cook book, pineapple lumps and a multiboard/plug thingy ( so we can plug more than one thing in at a time as we only have 1 US adapter).

Another thing to add to the list of things to be sent is my glasses, I've been spending a lot of time on this baby lately and reading and my eyes are noticing the strain. Scott has been too so I've been searching for optometrists for him. Its really weird here there are a lot of dispensing opticians who do basic eye tests but don't have an optometrist on staff whats with that? At home anywhere selling glasses has an optometrist.

Well I spose that is enough blahing on about nothing sorry to those of you who logged on expecting something interesting.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

just so i could add another photo

hi ya

this is the first time I have actually uploaded the blog and photos by myself. here is another photo of our apartment building. I have applied for a couple of jobs today in design stores, one as a sales/design consultant which i thought sounded like me. It's really annoying you search design on a job search website and sometimes you get all kinds of answers including "grill cook" What the?
Well i better go i have been sitting in my local cafe again for quite a while.

Oh I think our apartment is the 2nd window above the tree on the right hand side.

Until next time.
Love from Monique and Scott

Sweet home Vancouver

I wrote this big as entry on my house hunting escapades and was just starting to write another one and it saved it over the top and I lost the lot!! It was really funny too damn mac its been being silly lately and Scott is sitting next to me gloating. So here goes I will try and replicate my brilliance from the other day.

Since moving to Vancouver it has been my job to find us somewhere to live. Everybody we talk to has a different opinion on where we should live. We initially thought Richmond would be a good spot as it is half way between Vancouver and Delta where Scott is working. I went and had a look at a complex out there and took Scott back on the Saturday to have a look but the rental lady was an absolute fruit loop!! She reckoned that she had rung me 4 times and kept harping on about it to everyone ( 2 ladies and a young guy arrived shortly after us) my phone had no missed calls on it. As we were being showed around Scott and the other guy were making drinking gestures about her. The place was by the beach, and had a pool and gym it sounded good at first but there was quite a few old people living there, complete with wannabe "Magda" men in speedos around the pool. We also decided it was a bit suburban and we aren't quite ready for that yet, so Richmond was off the list.

We decided areas closer to downtown vancouver would be better as although it's a little further for Scott to go to work, he will eventually have a car whereas I will be stuck with public transport or my feet. We started focusing my hunt on Kitsilano (the in place to live lots of funky design stores and restaurants and close to the beach) Yaletown (where all the flash apartment building are, also cool shops and restaurants) and Westside (area west of the city which we later discarded as too far for scott)

Now a lot of places advertise but actually don't have any vacancies or you ring and no one answers so you leave a message and they don't ring you back anyway!! So yeah it has been a rather frustrating search. Monday the 9th completely bunged up with a cold (yes the 3rd in 3 months) I was feeling rather down hearted about my house hunting mission and scared we would end up in this bloody hostel forever. On tuesday however I made my daily pigramage to the Safari cafe free wifi (wireless internet) you see, (adam practically has my hot chocolate waiting for me when I arrive). I found the website for the vancouver Sun newspaper and found 22 apartments that sounded suitable. Now it takes awhile to find 22 possibiles and google map them to check location so I bought a sandwich to pay for the internet. Oh my god I think it was the best sandwich i have had since leaving NZ, it was turkey and salad and had nearly a whole avocado in it and basil pesto mmm yum. Anyway rather full I headed back to the hostel to start ringing my finds, the first one I rang the guy said " I'm showing someone through at 5 did you want to come and have a look at 4.45pm tonight". Even though it was only 2.30pm and the apartment wasn't too far away I left straight away so i could have a look at the neighbourhood. This is getting long already so I'll try and cut it short. I liked the apartment but wanted to talk it over with Scott so took the application form home. Scott came home from work absolutely exhausted and hot (we are sort of in the middle of a heat wave) but I dragged him out to have a look at the outside of this place. He said go for it and this is where the fun began. Now the application form itself wasn't too difficult to fill in but its purpose was to authorize a credit check and of course we don't have a credit history in Canada. So we decided to add in a letter and a couple of references to aid our cause. After a few quick and some rather early phone calls to NZ (sorry mum) we had the ball rolling. Thanks again to those of you that rose to the challenge and provided us with references despite the short notice. On Wednesday after a quick trip back to my local to sort emails for printing (they don't have bloody A4 paper remember) I headed for town to hand in the application. I arrived at the rental office at around 2pm and intially didn't realise the receptionist was on the phone damn headsets I felt like such a wally. Anyway I gave her our application and asked when I word get the verdict but she didn't know, I figured a couple of days and thought I would give him a ring then to check up on it. I had walked back into town and just stepped into Chapters (a lovely 3 story book shop) when my phone rang and it was the rental guy asking when I wanted to sign the lease that the apartment was ours. I couldn't believe it, naturally I went straight down and signed it then. Apparently another guy applied for the same apartment but he said he liked me better.

So we move in on 1st August, it may be sooner as the current tenants are furiously renovating the house they are moving into. It's in Yaletown and is a what they call a 1 bedroom + den which means it has 1 bedroom, a storeroom (the den), a bathroom, kitchen and openplan lounge/dining. It also has its own washing machine and dryer (in the den) which most places don't have, a balcony (yay we can get a bbq) and an underground carpark (which you don't have to pay exta for like most places) and a storage locker down in the carpark as well. It is less than 100 metres to the Vancouver Public library which has 6 or 7 floors, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, close to both the football (gridiron) and icehockey stadiums and of course walking distance to town.

I'm not sure how to write the address yet but will get back to you ASAP with that. The building is called Rosedale gardens which is interesting as there were no gardens that I could see. We went for a big walk around our new neighbourhood today and found another whole bunch of restaurants and nice shops in old brick warehouse just down the road, so we are really in a fantastic area or will be, only 2 weeks to go yay! Well I think that was about all the news I wrote the other day.

Catch you guys later.

love from the no longer homeless bums
Monique and Scott or as they say here Moeneek and Scahrt.

Vancouver intro

When we first arrived in Vancouver we were staying at a place called Little Retreat B&B. It was great and the breakfasts were fabulous, the best waffles ever. The only down side was it was a little far out of town and from Scott's work so we moved to a hostel in town. The hostel is in Main St which at the Hastings St end of the street is really dodgy homeless bums and prostitutes everywhere, fortunately our hostel is 9 blocks away which isn't quite as dodgy. Actually speaking of prostitutes we think the couple in the room next to us are a hooker and her pimp, and no they aren't doing business in the hostel or not that we know of. This makes the hostel sound awful its not that bad its an old building and the floor in our room is on a bit of a slope and there is a queue for the bathrooms at times, and its near some pretty major roads so it can be a bit noisy but that's the worst of it.

There are a lot less squirrels here, but we did see a racoon run across the road the other day. No Kate we haven't seen a moose yet but give us time. We have got so much of the city to see as we have been concentrating on finding somewhere to live.

Our first weekend here we were lucky enough to experience Canada day 1st July. Much like Waitangi day they get a day off work, unlike our equivalent national day however everyone here runs around with canadian flags and souvenir clothing very patriotic bunch it was quite odd. There was also a big fireworks display at night down by the water front it was pretty cool. They apparently have a big fireworks competition later in the year which we are looking forward to.

Scott is enjoying his new job, and has been thrown straight into work he has been there for 2 weeks now. He is doing some work for a company that makes aluminium wheels for cars, and is taking much delight in hassling the Canadians about saying "alumiNUM". The company is called CAPTIN (Canadian AutoParts Toyota INc).

TV is much the same as Toronto lots of Friends, Simpsons, Seinfeld and King of the Hill on multiple channels. The weather has been a lot cooler until recently, the west coast of America is suffering from a heat wave at the moment and we have caught the tail end of it. Next episode catch my house hunting escapades.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Odd observations

This is just a little entry on all the odd things we have noticed here in Canada.

Being so close to America there is no surprises that they have acquired a thing or 2 from there neighbour. It has been quite exciting for us trying all the things you hear of in movies like:
- "tootsie rolls" they are like the inside of a pixie caramel, chocolate flavoured but not covered in chocolate.
- " Pudding/jello" kind of like dairy food yogurt but you don't have to refrigerate it (bit concerning actually)
- "Root beer" Scott not me it smelt foul
- "Peanut butter M&M's" don't taste that different to peanut ones plain peanut are better though.
-"Almond M&M's" really yum like a scorched almond.

Things yet to try:
- twinkies
- Captain crunch cereal
- Popeyes chicken
- Dr Peppers

Then there are some things we have at home but are different here
- A medium sized drink at a fast food outlet is bigger here.
- If you make it a value meal at Subway you get 2 cookies and again the drink is bigger too.
- They have slightly different flavours at Subway too, not as flavoursome as home.
- You can get Cadbury chocolate but you can only buy really small blocks no King size.
- The coleslaw is different at KFC and they don't have potato and gravy they just have gravy.
- They still use the old Pizza Hut logo.
- Lemon flavoured fizzy drink (like Lift at home) is really hard to find.
- If you ask for lemonade they give you sweetened lemon juice you have to ask for sprite or 7 up.
- Pepsi is more popular than Coca cola
- Food courts in malls often don't have Indian food, lots of Chinese, burgers and subway like places though.
- Cafe's with a wide variety of food like at home are very rare we have found 1.
- We got a Colgate tooth paste and it smells like Deep Heat thankfully it doesn't taste like it smells.
- They don't sell beer and wine at the supermarket.
- Other than can size and 591ml bottles of fizzy drink you can only buy 2 litres and they come in the old straight shape like when I was a kid. Oh and sometimes you see those little cans like they have on planes.
- Red liquorice is cherry or strawberry flavoured not raspberry.
- Waffles are thicker, as is maple syrup it is also not as sickly sweet.

Ok that’s enough food things (can you tell I'm hungry) here are some things are just plain odd
- They don't have A4 sized paper they have letter which is slightly wider and shorter it looks awful it made my CV look all fat and ugly.
- A lot of bottles have really odd amounts in them e.g. a bottle of coke 591mls.
- You can't get roll on deodorant only spray on or those stick ones.
- They use American clothing sizes so the number is smaller than ours, and bra sizes are big numbers like 36 so yeah I have no idea what size I am.
- Notebooks without lined pages are really hard to find.
- Ok I've been in Vancouver nearly a week and only just noticed the Skytrain (monorail/subway train thing) doesn't have a driver!!! It’s a bit scary now!
- They don't have many speed signs on the roads check out the link a possible "what the?" perhaps?
- Don't get me started on there cell phone companies!!! They are sooo rubbish here, coverage is bad, I get charged for incoming calls, you can only ring a handful of countries and you guessed it NZ is not one of them, and they don't have a set prefix like 021 or 027 that distinguishes the number as a cell phone number so sometimes numbers starting 604 are cell phones sometimes they are land lines. What’s up with that!!! It doesn't end there either there but I’ve had my rant at Rogers now.
If you started up Vodafone here you would make millions!

Whilst travelling we have noticed a lot of things you used to be able to get at home but can't anymore
- Germany - Timotei shampoo
- France - Cleopatra soap (same logo different smell though)
- Canada - Frutopia (remember that drink it came in a fat glass bottle and had really hippie like ads made by coca cola)
- Tang (I don't remember it myself but I remember mum and dad talking about it I think it’s like raro)

Catch you guys later.

Love from Monique and Scott

Secret Squirrel

I almost forgot to talk about squirrels so I gave them there own entry. They are everywhere even in the city, not like possums, and they are sooo cute again not like possums. There are 3 different colours black, ginger (called red) and grey/brown, the black seem to be the most common.

We had an appointment at the bank but had a little bit of time to fill in so went for a wander and we found a little park. We sat down on this seat that went around a tree; all of a sudden these 2 squirrels started having a scrap I think they were both trying to stake there claim on the tree. They were actually running around the tree about 3 metres off the ground. I of course got a fright and Scott thinks it's hilarious that I'm now scared of squirrels as well as pigeons!!!

Catch you guys later.

Love from Monique and Scott

The local swimming hole

Hi and welcome to the final instalment of our escapades in Ontario.
On the Wednesday before we left for Vancouver we went on a day tour to Niagara Falls. It was only $60 which was half the price of the other tours to Niagara and it included a trip on the maid of the mist, free time at the falls, a quick trip to Niagara on the lake and a wine tasting at a winery, and if there is less than 7 people booked for that day they take you down in a Limo instead of the bus. The Chariots of fire tour bus picked us up at Dundas Square right in town, it took about 2 hours to get to Niagara, the bus driver/tour guide gave a run down on the history of the area on the way down in a rather monotonous voice it was quite informative though. We arrived at Niagara and got given a piece of Ricebubble cake for morning tea (its weird ricebubble cake is everywhere I don't think I'd had it since primary school) then headed for the Maid of the mist. Most of you have probably heard of the maid of the mist it’s in the movie "Bruce Almighty" for those of you who haven't its a boat that takes you as close as you can get to the bottom of the falls. Now we had seen it on TV and they hand you a blue plastic rain poncho as you board the boat so we expected to get a little damp, we got given a post card afterwards that says some thing like " the gentle mist on your face” mist my bum it was like torrential rain, there is so much mist coming off the falls when they get as close as they that you can't see anything but white. It was amazing to witness the shear amount of power that nature has, and besides it was boiling hot so the drenching was actually quite refreshing.

After the maid we were taken up to the top of the falls, it looks so different from up there. Here we were given some free time to have lunch and whatever. HOT TIP#1 the food is really expensive up here, but there is a nice park so bring a picnic. We were standing by the barrier taking photos and admiring the view when this crazy Asian woman comes rushing up next to us and throws down her walking stick and starts climbing up on to the ledge (the barrier is a stone wall to about hip height then a metal railing so all up only about chest height if that) at first we thought she was joking then her family came rushing up and grabbed her and she was saying "I want to fall". We didn't know whether to interfere or not, but they seemed to have it under control. It was a bit freaky, she would have been in her mid fifty's maybe, and she looked young to have a walking stick (even though I've considered it a few times lately) so we thought maybe she was terminally ill or something.

Then it was back into heavenly air conditioning of the bus and we headed down to the other end of the town to where there is supposedly a whirlpool its not as much hype as they make out we couldn't see it from the viewing platform. We did however see a ground hog. Then it was off to Niagara on the lake a little old fashioned touristy town about 15 km from the falls. We had time for a quick wander and an ice-cream, there was a shop just selling Christmas decorations in June! Then it was off to the winery, now I'm not a big wine drinker but even I know what’s good and what’s not. They barely gave you a dribble in the glass and it tasted kind of watered down. We don't realise how good the wine in NZ is.

We would like to go back at some point and check out some of the other attractions, there is quite a bit on the Canadian side, not so much on the US side by the looks. All in all it was a fantastic day despite the would be jumper. Well that’s all of Toronto now, we've almost caught up.

Catch you guys later.

Love from Monique and Scott

Much Music Awards

One of the weekends we were on Toronto, I've lost track which maybe the first one, on the Sunday night was the Much Music awards. This is the Canadian equivalent of the MTV awards. It had been advertised on TV all week, they started showing the red carpet so we decided to head down and check it out as it was only a couple of blocks away. They had blocked the whole street off (to cars that is) and it was lined with big tinted out SUV's and Limos and pimped up American muscle cars with airbags. We managed to get quite a good spot and could see the stars getting out of the cars. We saw Fergie from black eyed peas, Joss Stone, Maroon 5, the aussie chick that had the baby on Lost, Hilary Duff (yay not) a whole bunch we had never heard of the rest of the crowd seemed to go wild, and of course rounding up the rear was local girl Avril Lavigne in a convertible black impala, and 2 of the boys from Nickelback, Chad Krueger the main guy being one of them. It was just so amazing you could get so close to major famous people and there was hardly any security and only a handful of bored looking cops. After the stars all got in side (it took a while we think they had actually started before the last 2 got in) they moved the barriers so we could get across the street because they actually had a stage set up at either end of the TV station and broadcasted it live from the street for free. Unfortunately the major stage was at the other end of the station to us but we still had bands our end, the big screens they had set up so we could see what was going on down the other end were on the blink a bit. We watched for a while then decided to go and watch the rest on TV at home figured we would actually see more, we got home and turned it on to see Maroon 5 rapping up there song on the stage we had been in front of but at least we had air con at home. It was so cool, anywhere else in the world bet you would have had to pay heaps.

Don't miss the final instalment of Toronto, coming to a computer near you soon (I promise)

Catch you guys later.

Love from Monique and Scott

Oh Canada Eh!

3 July 2007
Hi Everybody. Sorry we have been a bit slack with the blog lately, we have been busy looking for jobs. Firstly I will give you a progress report then I will tell you about our escapades over the last 4 weeks. Well we have been in Vancouver for 5 days now (you guys are thinking what I thought you guys went to Toronto I know, I'll explain later) it was Scott's first day of work at QCA Systems today, and my first day house hunting by myself. Vancouver is nice, great to be back by the sea again; although you can't see the other side of Lake Ontario in Toronto it just doesn't smell the same. The landscape and even some of the houses look very NZ like and we found "Arnotts Tim Tams" (made in Newmarket Auckland) at the supermarket yesterday so it’s like home away from home a bit.

Ok back to the beginning:
We arrived at Toronto’s Lester B Pearson Airport on the 5th of June. We caught a bus then the subway (called the rocket here) into town, we came up out of the subway on the street our hostel was on but as the number was 588 that we were after and we were only at 200 we decided to take a cab. However the taxi driver said "oh 588 is just down there only about 200metres you should walk" I don't think I have ever come across a cabbie that turns down fairs before have you? It was a little more than 200 metres and I was near the point of collapse by the time we got there but we walked it.

Our Accommodation:
We had found a cheap hostel on good old Hostelbookers; it actually turned out to be a converted 3 storey house just out of the heart of Chinatown. We had a private room with an ensuite, yeah the shower and toilet were in our room literally no dividing walls!!! It was a great little place to stay, there was a kitchen on the ground floor and in the basement, there was a washing machine and dryer we could use, it was close to downtown and most importantly it was cheap.

Out and About:
Our first day there we went out wearing 3/4 pants and absolutely froze so we decided to check out "the Path" this is an underground network of shops that connects all the malls and major business towers in the downtown area and is brilliant in both hot and cold weather although it was designed to combat the latter of the two. It was also designed for locals not tourists as it is not signposted very well, but no sooner did we stop at a path map (after ages looking for one!!) when a lady stopped to ask where we were headed, and gave us detailed instructions on how to get there. Everyone is soooo friendly here it has actually happened on several occasions on the street as well you have your map out for 10 seconds and help arrives.

The Eaton Centre is a rather large mall in town and basically the end of the path. We spent quite a bit of time here over the 3 and a half weeks because everything was there bar a supermarket and it was in a handy location. There were 29 shops looking for staff, crazy ay, I applied for 20 of them and then 2 days later Scott got the job in BC (British Columbia) but more on that later.

I mentioned in an entry on Paris that I met a fellow kiwi chick that was going to work in Canada too. Well anyway it became a little weekly tradition to go out for tea with Rebecca first week we went to a Italian place, next was Indian, then the last time a couple of days before we left was a great Thai/chinese/vietnamese place that was just a round the corner from where we were staying. Typical ay find a great place close to home as you are about to leave. Anyway the weekly outing was a great way to see new parts of the city that the other person had discovered and it was great to talk to someone that was having similar experiences as us and of course laugh at the way the Canadians say some words like "hoose" aka house. It was also good to talk to another chick, don't get me wrong I love Scott dearly but he just doesn't understand shoes!

The Lake front was really nice, it reminded me of Surfers paradise, probably because of the skyscrapers so close to the water. They had a walkway system sort of like the one in Napier but bigger. The lake itself was huge it made Taupo look like a puddle, unfortunately it is not advised to swim in it, especially with the weather we were having. Apart from our first day there everyday the temperature was in the 30's, but with the humidity it was often the equivalent of around 41 degrees. Luckily we had an air conditioner in our room but it was noisy so we had a lot of hot sleepless nights.

Job hunting:
All the engineering jobs for Scott weren't in Toronto itself, they were in what’s called the GTA or Greater Toronto Area which is made up of a whole bunch of smaller cities around the edges of Toronto, or were in entirely different parts of the country. After 10 weeks of travelling and in need of some funds we realised we had to go where the jobs were, so Scott just applied for everything. Within a few days my phone was ringing off the hook for Scott. He was approached by several employment agencies one of which forwarded his CV (or resume as they say here) to QCA in Vancouver (actually Delta BC but only like 20km to Vancouver). It all happened very quickly on the Wednesday he was contacted by the company, on the Thursday he had an interview over the phone with the boss and they offered him the job on Friday. He was to start on Tuesday the 3rd of July so we decided to fly over on the Thursday 28th June so as to have a few days to get to know the city before Scott started work. So that gave us less than a week to do all the touristy things in Toronto.

The Touristy Stuff:
As a lot of tourist attractions require that folding stuff we had put them on hold until we had jobs. Toronto has this thing called the City Pass for $60 it gets you into Casa Loma (Toronto’s castle), the CN tower (tallest freestanding building in the world), The Hockey Hall of Fame, The Royal Ontario Museum (commonly called the rom), The Toronto zoo and The Science Centre. You only have to do 3 to get your moneys worth and we did the first 4. We did the CN tower first the trip in the elevator took 58 seconds, the view was amazing from that high up you still couldn't see the other side of the lake it was crazy, we could however see the baseball game being played in the Rogers centre (formerly the Skydome a stadium with a retractable roof.) The ROM had some dinosaur bones they are apparently getting more later in the year. Casa Loma was pretty cool, it was built in 1911 by a local millionaire who had his fingers in a lot of pies including the Thomas Edison electric lighting company and the first hydro electric plant at Niagara Falls, and he only lived there for 10 years then went bankrupt. The Hockey hall of fame had the actual Stanley Cup and you could touch it.

We went to Niagara Falls but more on that next time as this entry is getting a bit long. One extreme to the other ay!! We thought it was more important to hear from us so we will sort the photos some other time. Promise it won't take 4 weeks this time. Hehehe

Love you guys heaps

Catch ya later
From Monique and Scott