Thursday, 30 August 2007

Just for photos

Hi everybody
Firstly the following 3 emails are just to show you some photos, then there is a proper blog entry.

The first photo is scotts work.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Just for photos 2

This photo is to show you guys my new haircut, I'm a bit windswept it was taken at Point Roberts (see blog entry) but you can see its quite a bit shorter, it was down to my elbows before.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Just for photos 3

This photo was also taken at Point Roberts (see below) we just thought it was funny it was so ridiculously big.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Border crossings

Ok yes I know i have go a little slack on the blog entries again. We hired a car again but this time we booked ahead on the internet and picked it up on the friday night and returned it sunday afternoon and it cost about the same as the last minute one did the weekend before for half the time.

We went to the USA on saturday. you might need to google map it but I will try and describe where we went. Ok at the top you have vancouver, then directly below that you have the city of richmond, then below that you have the district of Delta (where scott works) then below that you have a city called Tsawassen then Point Roberts (usa) ( Note it is only about 30 km from downtown van to point roberts,). Tsawassen and Point roberts are on a peninsula, so the only way to get to Point roberts is thru canada weird ay. We knew it wasn't very big but just wanted to go there basically so we could say that we had been to america, we also thought it was a good idea for our first border crossing to not be a major one. It was so weird you are just driving down the road and all of a sudden there is the a building saying US border control and 50 million security cameras. It was set up kinda like a toll bridge and they ask for your passport. because we were foreign we had to then park in the carpark and go inside and fill in a form, tick the box saying you weren't a terrorist and have our fingerprints taken and a photo. the guards were really nice and joking around we figure they won't be like that if we go to Seattle. Point Roberts is kinda like Mahia, alot of flash batches and not much else. You definetly knew you had crossed the border you went from suburbia in Tsawassen (can) with curbs to the middle of no where with miles on the road signs. It was like driving in the whareratas but it was flat, around most of the peninsula. it had a rocky beach with lots of driftwood on it which reminded us of napier. there were 6 petrol stations in this little village and all but one had the price written as 79 9/10 per galleon instead of 79.9 cents. it didn't really have a main street, we found a cafe/restaraunt on a side road to have lunch, and we went to the supermarket which was on the road to the border on the way back and got some cheese cos it's half the price in usa, and some chocolate bars we hadn't seen before. Coming back into canada was a piece of cake had a look at the passports oh you have some groceries thats fine see you later. So we have another stamp in the passports yay!

On the sunday I had to work, but at least the shop didn't open till 12. Scott had another practice drive out to work and then returned the car early, as he didn't know where else to drive to. I think it was the absence of his brilliant co-driver/navigator. hehehe. The day before when we had gone to Point roberts we took scotts Vodafone cell phone with us to see if it said we were in the states, the rental car was a Chevrolet cobalt and didn't have much room in the consol between the seats so I had put the phone in the handle on the door. Monday night we suddenly realised oh my god where is the phone, and of course by this time the rental place was closed and the phone number was diverted to a national one with a really dumb lady answering the phone. I went into the office on tuesday morning and just thought they were really on to it when half way through explaining they said Oh the phone here you go. I later found out scott had probably just hung up from ringing them when i walked in the door.

Hopefully I get paid this week, monthly pays are horrible and rather odd in the retail industry. I need new glasses, as I didn't bring mine with me thought hey I don't use them that often. But with the combination of small print on stock sheets and the computer at work and my laptop, and my addiction to facebook, my eyes having been getting tired really quick. It's even been a effort to read harry potter and the writing is huge so i thought as soon as i get paid i will go and get myself some of those hobby glasses they have got some cool ones down the road.

Well that is about all for now, we have a long weekend here this weekend which is great as I am working on saturday.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

a little bit of excitement grand finale

(Please note this story is broken into 4 parts spread over 3 blog entries (all called a little bit of excitement), so it would definitely make more sense if you scrolled down a bit first if you have only just tuned in)

I really mean it this time this the final instalment of "a little bit of excitement"
We will be right back after this ad break. No just kidding.
We now have something to sit on WOOOHOOO!!!!! The couch went together really easily it all just bolted together, and the cover velcros to the bottom of the couch keeping it tight. So we were able to have tea on the coffee table sitting on the couch much easier on the back. Our green deck chairs look cool and are comfy for a while but man have I been having wicked pains in my chest since we got them. So our lounge is finally starting to look like a lounge and not just a room. I think it will stay looking like this for quite a while, as the next big purchase will probably be a car, which incidently will only be a little car as our car park isn't very big. The couch definitely needs some cushions, not because it is uncomfortable just to add a bit of colour as it kind of blends in with the colour of the wall, but it is just so great to not be sitting on the floor. Woohoo we've got some furniture. I only added this entry so you could have a photo of it together, so should probably go and do something domestic goddess like.

Oh just found a couple of comments on the other entries in this series. Sorry kate no we haven't been out on the town yet, a guy from scotts work was going to take us out at the week end but we never heard from him. We have seen a few clubs and what not and its like the movies they have little barricade thingys up for you to queue behind (like they use to in banks) and a big guy on the door with a clip board and a head set. The main entertainment district is only 3 blocks from our apartment can't hear it though. And to rachael yeah food isn't too badly priced clothes and shoes are cheap, cheese is really expensive like $6.99 + tax (13%) for 250g for normal cheese not fancy stuff. Milk is cheap but has no flavour guess that is why they put cream in there coffees well thats my theory they looked at me really weird at work when I said we just have milk in coffee at home.

Keep up the comments, we miss everyone.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

a little bit of excitement part 3.

Please note that the blog entry below this one entitled "a little bit of excitement" comes before this one, I automatically loaded it first not thinking about how new ones go to the top of the page Sorry.

Ok now for the final installment in this riveting mini series. Well maybe only semi final.

I got up at 8.30am this morning because a guy was meant to come at 9.30am to fix a cracked light switch that Scott thought was dangerous. He never showed up I rang at 10.30 and he had forgotten so fingers crossed he remembers tomorrow. Anyway Scott rang me at 10 to say the ikea delivery guys would be here in 10 minutes. So I went down stairs to wait as the lifts only work with the swipey thing. The 2 delivery guys looked like a couple of bums from East Hastings St ( a not so glamourous part of town with lots of homeless people, druggies and hookers) but they delivered my couch and it doesn't appear to be damaged so I'm happy. Well sort of I cut off the big plastic bag it is in, pulled off the glad wrap and cardboard, found the instructions and the legs, and well thats all I can do. It's a 2 person job to put it together damn it! So it is driving me nuts sitting here looking at it half together waiting for Scott to come home. Well at least we will have something to do tonight seen as our tv/ laptop tuner hasn't arrived yet. So to keep my mind off the suspense, I have been cleaning, done 2 loads of washing,walked down to shoppers drugmart in the rain to buy a new toothbrush and some antacids, made scrambled eggs for lunch, put my jeans in the dryer as they were really wet at the bottom from my little walk, and sat here for several hours writing mammoth blog entries. And you know what, it hasn't worked at all!

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

A little bit of excitement!

Hello my pretties. yes I know the entries have been a little slack and uninteresting of late, but to be fair the feed back has not been fantastic either. Anyway I have news.

Firstly Scott gets picked up in the mornings from one of the skytrain stations by a guy at work called Peter (he gave us a microwave) and every morning they stop at Tim Hortons (sort of a Canadian version of starbucks but with mostly filter coffees) for a coffee. Last week during their morning ritual Scott asked the girl behind the counter for " a large black coffee" (like he always does) and her reply was " sorry what do you want on your bagel?" It has become a bit of a standing joke now when someone says something and you miss it.

Now for the weekend:
On Saturday morning I had to pop into work for a little 1 hour session to learn a bit more about the furniture lines we stock. Scott met me for lunch afterwards at favourite cafe in yaletown (well favourite for now we have heaps to try out) for lunch. The weather although not flash was not raining we were at a bit of a loose end as to what to do with ourselves so decided on a whim to rent a car. Now when you make that decision at 2pm on a saturday afternoon, not many of the rental car places actually have cars left. First we tried Budget as they have an office not far from our place, but they only had great big people carriers or a mustang where as we wanted something small and cheap. So we headed down to Hertz and although they had a carpark full of cars had none available but sent us to Enterprise car rentals which he said was on the corner of Granville and Davie Streets. Yes well that intersection has a Blenz cafe, a bank, a seedy cafe/bar and something else that wasn't a car rental place. We had just decided to leave it and walk over the bridge to Kitsilano when we found the place and they had had a few people that were meant to be picking up cars in the morning not turn up so we ended up with a 2006 Toyota Corolla. It had just been brought back and hadn't been cleaned so we went an had a coffee which they took off our bill for the inconvenience and came back 15 min later to a nice clean car. Scott had only driven here once when a guy from work let him drive back from Captin which is only about a block from his work, so he was a little nervous. I was the navigator and we managed to make our way home through all the one way streets despite our desired route being blocked off for some kind of street party.

So we went home and with the aid of good ol Google maps planned our route to Scotts work which is about 30km from our apartment. I took half a carsick tablet just incase as I had to read the map other than that I would have been fine. Scott has been a passenger in a car alot more often than I have so it took me a while to get use to the fact that sitting in the front right hand seat I didn't have anything to do. The worst part was coming on to Granville bridge there are actually 3 onramps from different streets it was quite scary having cars merging on your right and not being able to do anything to get out of the way. We made our way through Vancouver then on to Highway 99 which took us through Richmond, then through the George Massey tunnel, then we completely missed the exit to Delta! Now Highway 99 goes to Seattle in the States, and those of you that I sent a map or those of you with access to google maps will notice that in Delta there is nothing in the middle all the roads are around the edge. Yeah thats all bog and trees, so there wasn't another motorway exit for ages. We saw another road running parallel with us which the next exit (next from the one we were meant to take) fed on to and this took us back to the junction we missed and to Delta. Scott hasn't got keys to work so I couldn't see inside but its good to know where he goes most days. We got back into the city and home no problem at all. We think we got within about 20km of the USA border, it's not too far away I think its only something like 2.5 hours to Seattle.

Part 2:
On Sunday we decided to go to Ikea and look at furniture. So once again we used google maps to help sort out where to go, for those of you who don't know on google maps you can type in where you are and your desired destination and it tells you what streets to take and when to turn etc sometimes it doesn't choose the shortest route though. Anyway we made it out on to the Trans Canada Highway (it goes right across) and out to Coquitlam where Ikea is no problem. Ikea has a restaurant upstairs in the showroom and a hotdog stand by the checkouts so we thought we would have breakfast out there, apparently everyone thought this was a good idea. Which isn't really all that surprising. We had scrambled egg, 2 little sausages, cubed potato bits and a croissant and guess how much it was? $1! Yes $1 crazy ay so with drinks breakfast cost a whopping $4. We ended out there for lunch as well and got 3 hotdogs, a cinnamon bun, a packet of chips and a drink for $3.75! So we had 2 meals for 2 of us for under $8 crazy or what man thats the price for 1 person for 1 meal anywhere else.

So we had a look around the showroom and sat on every couch, we had seen one in the catalogue for $179 but it was really tiny and not very comfortable, so we picked the Klippan 2 seater couch for $279 instead. The covers for it come off so you can wash them or change the colour, we nearly got this crazy patterned green cover thought it would go with the deck chairs but we went for the cheaper safer choice in the end and picked the natural one (its baically really heavy weight calico). We also picked out a side table that matches the coffee table we bought last time and a set of shelves. We looked at dinning room suites and beds too but decided they weren't urgent the air bed is pretty comfortable and we can eat at the coffee table.

So then it was time to grab a trolley and grab everything we wanted off the shelf, and yes that includes the couch.( I think I've mentioned before that Ikea is set up in 2 halves 1 half showroom, 1 half giant furniture supermarket with the same shelves as Pak n save). They have these special trolleys (which we had to wait ages for) for the larger pieces of furniture, so a staff member helped scott put the couch on that (remember its Ikea you have to put things together yourself) and I had a normal supermarket trolley with the shelves, sidetables, a couple of glasses, and sharp knives and cacti (yeah ikea sell plants who would have thunk (please note I used thunk on purpose scott says it all the time, my england isn't quite that bad)). So off we headed to the checkouts with a couch how random is that!!!! Now I know you are thinking but didn't you guys hire a Corolla? How are you going to fit a couch in there even if there is a bit of assembly? But Ikea actually offer same day delivery for $39 no matter how many pieces of furniture you buy it's still the same price, and they deliver between 4pm and 10pm the same day. You can pay for the delivery at the checkout then you head over to the home delivery counter and they take it off your hands. Everything else was pretty small so we just got the couch delivered.

Originally we had planned on taking another trip out to Delta as practice but we took a little longer at ikea than expected so we only had enough time to go home and drop off the shopping before taking the rental car back. We had gotten directions to Coquitlam but not back into the city one way streets and all, but just decided to wing it and made our way home a piece of cake. We dropped the car back and found out we had done 125km and walked home eager for the arrival of our couch yay no more sitting on the floor. We put the shelves and the sidetable together, and had a tidy up ready for the couch and waited. At 7pm I thought probably should start doing something about tea, and then we waited some more. At 9.50pm I'm just about up the wall when we got a phone call from the delivery guys and the truck had broken down and they would have to deliver it the next day. So we had another night sitting on the floor. Tune in for a little bit of excitement part 3.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Thursday, 16 August 2007

The wonderful worldwide web

Hi everyone yep you guessed it we have finally got the internet connected. We have got a bundle deal with cable tv (yeah haven't actually got a tv yet but we are going to get a gizmo that lets us watch it on our laptops) and high speed internet. So we can skype you guys!!! For those of you that haven't heard of skype it is free to download off the net and allows you to talk to other people with skype for free over the internet, it also allows you to make cheap phone calls over the net. You need broadband to run it, and most people need a little headset with a mike (unless you have got a mac that is). Cool ay!!

In other news we now have a couple of chairs. (Mum do you remember that Butterfly chair that dad cut up to make tent pegs? yeah they are like those but they fold up.) They are out door chairs but they will do for now and besides they are pretty comfortable and were only $6.54 + tax. Its a bit awkward to sit in while you are eating but the rest of the time it definitely beats sitting on the floor.

Oh we have been listening to NZ radio on the internet on Scotts computer, I thought yay I can listen to weird tingly Wednesday on ZM (people ring in with there spooky phenomena's) but it won't play the radio on my mac it only works with Windows which macs don't use. Damn it!! I think I might write them a email about it and suggest they write them on their website.

For those of you who didn't know it was Scott and I's 1 year anniversary on the 12th. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

On that note I will bid you Adieu.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Madness I tell you!!

I have come to the conclusion that Canadians like to queue especially when busting to go to the loo!! Now we first noticed this phenomenom the first weekend here in Van (note Vancouver shall now be shortened to Van as I'm not the quickest typist and it speeds things up) when after the Canada day fireworks when we arrived at the bus stop there they were in an orderly queue. They are quite an organised bunch we thought, and we didn't think anything of it. However I have since noticed on many occasions when I have made a trip to the ladies "washroom" (it's what they call the toilet) that there has been a queue yet free toilets. What's up with that? I think they must only look at the open doors or the ones that people emerge from. We were out at metro town today and just for a change I had to use the facilities and lo and behold there was a queue, now the toilets here have an aisle of toilets down each far wall and a wall in the middle with the basins so there are a lot of toilets. I got to the front of the queue and went straight for the far end of the far aisle and there were 4 empty toilets so I yelled out that there were heaps of free ones down here and surprise surprise there wasn't a queue when I came out. It's crazy, do they consider it rude to check for feet, or tap on the door or something? A lot of the time the ignored loo's door isn't even completely closed. Its madness I tell you.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Just a quick note

hey everybody

We emailed a whole bunch of people photos of our apartment as there were too many to put on the blog. If we missed anybody out SORRY!!! and just email one of us and we will send those off to you ASAP. YAY we have finally got internet!!!!! The guy came and hooked it up today so it will be much easier to keep in touch now>

Love Monique and Scott

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Echo echo echo

Firstly I'll answer a few questions you left after the last entry. In the photo I am standing in the lounge. We have taken some more photos but the little gizmo to download the photos off scotts camera is in his laptop bag that he has taken to work so sorry there is no photo with this entry at the mo. I will download them tonight and take a few more of our view for you kate. Um I think thats all the updates, I wrote the below entry last night.

Hi every body. Today is Monday 6th August and BC day so we had a long weekend which was rather handy after our move, and neither of us had to work which was even better. On Saturday Jung (Scotts mate from work) took us out and about first stop was IKEA. There are 2 here 1 at Richmond and one at Coquitlam he took us to the later of the 2 as it is bigger. It is absolutely huge but set out quite well 1 half is showroom and the other half is what they call the marketplace which is basically like a big furniture supermarket with a bigger scale version of the shelves at Pak n save. Through out the showroom they have little stands with a bunch of pencils and special forms so you can write down what you want as you walk around ready for the market place. We got a coffee table for $29+ tax (that we will eventually put the tv on) a set of pots, glasses, cutlery, a toilet brush and a laundry hamper. Next stop was Walmart where we got a dinnerset, a clothes rack (the dryer died on thursday and the fixit guy can't come till next friday) a water purifier (the water tastes a bit funky here), coat hangers, and oven trays. last stop was Costco where we got a bit of food in rather large packets. So we now have a coffee table, a clothes rack and a skyscraper lamp (I got Scott for last month's anniversary it was one you had to assemble yourself) in our lounge but it still echos quite a bit.

Saturday night we finally went and saw one of the Fireworks displays the grand finale actually. There were so many people it was crazy mind you it has been Pride week here too. The fireworks were pretty amazing each country had a stint I think, but some of the shapes and he way they changed colour were quite different. We managed to find a patch of grass to sit on and thankfully no one sat in front of us. We couldn't see the barge (out in english bay) they were setting them off on but other than that we had an excellent view.

Sunday we headed to Metrotown to get a few pairs of cheap jeans for both of us for work, well I got 1 pair and Scott got 3 (2 pairs of Levis and 1 pair of Quiksilver ones). You will never guess how much he paid for them do you give up? $30 each for the Levi's and $40 for the Quiksilvers!!!! I paid $25 for some no name ones. There is a chain of shops called Winners that sells designer stuff really cheap it must get the end of lines or something unfortunately I can never find something suitable in there Scott on the other hand doesn't have this problem.

Yeah so having spent quite a bit this weekend we decided to take it easy today. We made pancakes for brekkie had to try out the frying pan, then went to find a cafe with internet access. We went to Starbucks first but you actually have to pay but the girl behind the counter told us to go to Blenz 2 blocks down the road which was free so we did. It must have looked a bit of a dag both of us sitting there on our laptops not really talking to each other but we both had quite a few emails to catch up on. We then headed home and had cheese and salad sandwiches I know it sounds ridiculous but it was so good. We then headed for a walk along False creek (the bay below downtown near where we live) to Stanley park. This is where we had gone to watch the fireworks the other night, there is a fantastic walk way all the way around, and a few little bits of beach there was heaps of people laying in the sun, rollerblading, playing volleyball etc. After our quite long walk we were rather hot and considered dipping our feet in to the other side of the pacific ocean but we weren't too keen on the colour of the waves so decided to go and try out the pool at the hotel next to our apartment instead. You have to pay $25 per year for a swipe card but the girl that moved out gave us her one. There is a few exercise machines over there a sauna the pool of course and a spa all indoors. It was just what the poor old legs needed the spa is actually quite deep. So that might become a nightly tradition. I'm not sure if the pool is heated in the winter I must find out.

Oh something I forgot to mention, I said in a previous post that I had a trial day at a design store, well it went really well, I met the owners who run the other branch in Victoria on Vancouver Island, and the manager said at the end of the day that she was quite impressed that I approached customers even though I didn't know the answers to their questions. She said to come in again on Thursday (9th) and we would sort out a proper schedule for me then. So we assume I've got the job, it looks like it might be 3 or 4 days a week now too which is great. We haven't got internet yet and haven't managed to scam any, anyway um you get a better deal if you bundle it together with cable tv so we are working on it hopefully we will be able to skype soon. Oh well I better go now, thats the only problem with spa pools they make you sleepy.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Finally out of the hell hole

Yay we have FINALLY moved into our apartment woohoo!!!!!!! I rang the rental manager (jeff) at 10am and he said he was just about to go and get the key would I like to meet him there in half an hour, I left straight away as I wanted to see how long it took to get there, I took with me my little backpack full of stuff (mainly the laptop) and Scotts camera as I figured that would mean one less trip later. With the light load it took 15 min, it was 2 blocks to the skytrain, rode the skytrain to the next stop, 2 blocks up (slight gradient too) and 3 across. Jeff was at the lobby door talking to the girl that just moved out of our place (she couldn't find her car keys) the girl was most apologetic that she had taken a whole bunch of stuff to the second hand shop, jeff had told her we had nothing. He took me down into the car park and showed me where out spot is, and our storage locker. Then we went up to our apartment and took note of any marks/damages etc. It was about 11am when I left the apartment to do my 2nd load of stuff.

The 2nd load consisted of 1 (surprisingly heavy considering its size) wheely suitcase, 1 little backpack, 1 recyclable shopping bag full to the brim and a box in a plastic bag tied to the wheely suitcase. By the time I got to the apartment I was so hot and exhausted (pathetic I know) I actually had the shakes. Dying of thirst I decided to make a drink (we have got powdered ice tea you just add water to it) but I was shaking so much that I spilt powder all over the bench. I decided after that little episode that maybe I wouldn't attempt to bring the packs over by myself in this heat, and was back on the skytrain on the way back to the hostel to see if there was somewhere I could leave them until after 5 when Scott rang. Him and a guy from work (Grant) had been working at the port so they said they would come and pick up the packs and drop them off. They pulled up just as got there which was great, it made the job so much easier.

Then I headed off to metrotown a big mall here to get an airbed, pillows, and sheets etc. I bought myself one of those little wheelie trolley/bags that old ladies have (they were really popular in europe for going to the supermarket) thank goodness I did I would never have been able to carry it all home otherwise, it was quite a struggle as it was with the pillows. I figured after all my hard work today we deserved a drink tonight besides we have to celebrate moving in, so went for yet another walk with my trusty granny trolley to the nearest liquor store and then to the dearest supermarket known to man around the corner from that. It would have been interesting to have had a pedometer on today, thank god we have a lift in our building cos otherwise i think i would have slept in the lobby tonight my legs are so dead.

There are fireworks on tonight and I'm hoping we can see them from here because i just couldn't face another walk. They have a fireworks competion here every year 4 nights of fireworks each night is a different country, we missed the first 2 as scott had to work the next day and it was a fair way back to the hostel. The finale is on saturday which will probably be the best one anyway maybe we just aim for that one.

At least we don't have to hand pump up the airbed I was clever and bought an electric pump. Its a long weekend here this weekend (BC day or something) which is great it will give us a chance to go and check out furniture and stuff together. Well now that we have moved in I will email everyone our address. Directly across the road from us is only a 2 story building and as we are on the 4th floor we have an unobstructed view of yaletown it will be interesting to see what it looks like in the dark. Well I better go and take some photos for you guys, and pump up the bed.

Catch you guys later.

love Mocnique and Scott

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


I forgot to add this on to the bottom of on of the other posts. We decided to get an icecream after tea last night and came out of our room to find 2 cops and 2 ambulance officers in the hallway going through this blonde chicks (who we always thought was weird) stuff and she was in handcuffs. Not quite sure what the story was, definitle drug related will look into it.

Go Lions go Ra ra ra

This is another entry that Scott was going to do so you may get a more in depth view about the subject at a later date. Once upon a time a long long time ago when it was Scott's first week at work his boss John and his wife Paddy took us to a football game (turns out QCA has corporate tickets for that too). Now football over here is gridiron, they call it Soccer like us. It was the local team the BC Lions vs Edmonton Eskimos we won by the way. It was the most peculiar match I've ever watched. It is not as fast paced as rugby they have 4 fifteen minute quarters (duh of course there are 4) but what is actually only an hour of game time takes 3 hours to play. Each team is effectively 2 teams the offensive and the defensive, so its the swapping between the 2 that takes the time. However they also randomly stop the game for competitions with the crowd and so the cheerleaders can do there thing. Personally the cheerleaders were a bit crap, they had 4 groups of 8 dotted around the field and a lot of the time only one group would be dancing and the others were just standing there. Now I only call it dancing because of the lack of a better word, they don't do much and in my opinion all the more reason to get into it every time the music comes on. But I've gotten side tracked with the girly point of view I'm meant to be writing about the football GRRrrrrrr! Another thing Scott and I found amusing was there are just about as many referees on the field as players and instead of whistles they have flags, so if they have seen someone do something they shouldn't have they throw their flag on the ground it looks like they are throwing a tanty its hilarious. Also hilarious was about 3/4 of the way through the game they played this thing on the big screen it was the lions theme song some of the words are in the title of this entry, it was so pathetic, John was most embarrassed. But perhaps the oddest part of the night was a couple of minutes before the end the Lions scored a touch down and were about to do the conversion (I'm not sure if they call it that but you guys know what I mean actually they might call it a field goal) and everyone started leaving as they knew they had won. Ok so it isn't as action packed as rugby and it was unlikely the opposition were going to score a try in the dying seconds and win like can happen in rugby but still its a bit stink on the players I thought. We were walking out and I was just thinking to myself this is like walking around under the Colleseum in Rome when Paddy says " the stadium used to be called the Colleseum" Spooky.
It was a great night we had gone to a restaurant nearby for tea first then we went back there for dessert and a drink afterwards. Next time we will know whats going on a bit more, it must have driven John nuts all our questions.

So thats my trying not to be too girly review of the football. I am Monique Coulter reporting for Yeah Nah I Reckon Ay, Scott and Mollys Big Adventure. Good night.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Lazy sundays

Hello again. As you probably guessed yep its Sunday here, I'm writing this listening to the Lazy Sunday album, hence the name of todays blog.

On the job front;
Scott is working out at Captin today had to get up at 6.15am now that is especially nasty at the weekend! From his texts it sounds like they have down as much as they can for now, just waiting for the plant to start up again at 7pm (its only 2pm by the way) so I'm not sure if he's coming home for a break or not. I had a ring from design house (the shop I had an interview at last Saturday) they have asked me come in for a trial day on Friday so fingers crossed.

Something sort of exciting:
Yesterday we went and checked out Kitsilano, its a suburb just out of town and one of "thee" places to live.There are quite a few designy type shops out there which was cool. There was also a really cool Art book shop there, I could have gone mad they had a really good design section, and a bargain table I just had to walk away from in the end some of the prices were ridiculusly cheap. Scott groaned a bit when he realised it was all arty books but he managed to keep himself occupied. I'll definitely have to remember thats there. We had taken the bus over to Kits from town but decided to walk back then we wandered around town looking for something for a late lunch. No where has normal sandwiches, its either burgers, subway like places or if by chance you do find a cafe they only have a handful of wraps that are extremely overpriced. I think the prospect of normal food once we move in to our apartment is more exciting than getting out of this bloody hostel, Scotts dying for a steak and I want salady stuff. There isn't much variety food wise without a fridge, and although there is one here at the hostel I'm not that trusting.

I just walked down to subway (its only a block away), Subway just isn't as good here which is quite surprising considering it has competition here unlike NZ. Despite eating them in Europe I'm not a big fan of ham or salami, or seafood for that matter so consequently I eat alot of chicken. In NZ there are 4 different chicken options at subway here there are only 2, they don't have the chicken fillet or satay chicken my 2 favs. They have what they call Oven roasted chicken breast, breast my bum its so processed and flavourless. I may as well have walked the extra block to McDonalds probably would have burned off some of the badness and it would have been cheaper. Well thats my little grizzle for today.

Ages ago:
Now scott was going to do a couple of blog entries but I don't see him having the time anytime soon so i might as well tell you. A few weeks ago we went to Stanley Park it is an absolutely massive park right in the city (just north west of Downtown). It has heaps of walking and cycling tracks and the middle of it is thick forest yep and its in town and by the sea! We walked half way round the edge then had to cut through the middle (as the path round the edge was blocked off as some trees had fallen down). It was so weird a few paces away from the waters edge and it was like being in the bush at home. We were quite surprised to see ferns everywhere, and kept saying to each other this is crazy its like nz. One thing a bit different to home was the totem poles, and the fact that there is actually a major highway through the middle of the park that links downtown to the lions gate bridge to north vancouver. The Lions gate bridge is vancouvers answer to the Golden Gate in San fransico, our one is green though and I don't think quite as many people died building it but I could be wrong. Initially we were going to hire bikes (there are so many places here that hire out bikes and rollerblades its ridiculus) but it was too expensive (it didn't appear to stop many people though). It will be interesting to see what it looks like in Winter. I think it may turn in to our little refuge when we are a bit homesick.

Well thats about it for now.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

random ramblings

Why hello again and welcome to another episode of almost incoherent ramblings. Yay only 5 more days till we move in to our apartment!!!! It is driving me nuts not having access to the internet whenever I like, you don't realise how much we rely on it these days. I was down at the cafe yesterday and I heard the owner on the phone saying he was going to pop out at 2pm and get some avocados and tomatoes as it was 1.45pm I thought I better start packing up, and he was like " you don't have to go I'll just put a back in 5 min sign on the door and lock you in". It was great i had the whole cafe to myself for around 3/4 of an hour, so I figured as it was a lot quieter as i was the only one there I could skype. So I rang my nan and my mum (they have both got birthdays coming up next month so now I have a plan for those in action) when she finally got to work!!!

Now I know I said in the last entry that I was going to wait to get Harry Potter 7. But on Saturday Scott had to work in the morning and I had my job interview which went well by the way. Anyway Scott's work mate Jung who was also working that morning took us out for lunch and drove us around places we hadn't seen yet like North Vancouver which is on the other side of the harbour. He also took us to a place called Costco you may have seen it in movies or on TV. It's kind of a cross between Gilmours and the Warehouse, all the supermarket like items are in bulk but they also sell TVs, linen, tools, furniture you name it. They also have books. We were just wandering along by the books and Scott actually noticed it, 1 lone copy of the latest Harry Potter. Now I thought that was a sign don't you!! So I got it it was only $23.99 + tax (so about $25) which was cheaper than the pre order price at the book shops in town which was $29 and the normal price which is $45 so how could i refuse a bargain like that. I have finished reading it, it was brilliant. Scott has to work on Sunday at Captin (Toyota) while the plant isn't working but also has to be there when they start back up at 11pm Sunday night so I'm thinking maybe I might start re-reading it again to occupy myself while I'm all alone. hehehe its not that bad I'm getting use to being a no mates.

I'm going to have to send everybody maps so you know what I'm talking about. Scott put a link to google maps in the comments section on one of the entries but it doesn't show many landmarks. They have got lovely walk/bike/rollerblade paths everywhere that we are looking forward to exploring. I have just been down stairs and grabbed some of the free maps so I will mark where a few things are on them and send some over.

Just thought of something I've been meaning to mention for some time. The Winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver in 2010 and there is merchandise advertising it in souvenir shops and at The Bay (big expensive department store like Smith and Caugheys) already! Its 3 years away and I saw an ad for it on TV the other day! They are putting in another skytrain (monorail/subway system) route for it, they haven't even built the Olympic village (the proposed site isn't far from our hostel) and you can already buy the T-shirt to say you were there its madness! Most of the merchandise is varying shades of minty green, teal and white. Actually they have got quite cool little wooly hats I thought I might need one for winter hehehe.

I went on a mission to find a cheap hairdresser for Scott today. He was thoroughly spoilt in Toronto and got a hair cut for $5, yeah I don't see that happening in Vancouver. I found a place offering cuts for $13 that the winner so far a lot are charging $55 for a mens cut! God I should have become a hairdresser that's like $55 for 15 minutes work! Man I hate to think what it's going to cost to get mine cut. I found a really cool hairdresser called the Chop Shop the counter was the front of an old car and the little cutting stations had used those metal tool cabinets on wheels that have all the shallow draws in them that you can buy at Super cheap auto. It looked so cool, there prices depend on the length of hair $30 short, $55 for long personally I would have thought there was more work in a cutting a lady with short hair compared to some one with long hair that just wants a trim.

Oh Rogers (the major phone network here) is so crap. My phone ran out of credit again so I can't receive calls but I can't top it up either as they are apparently upgrading the system. Which frankly needed doing, its got one of those stupid voice recognition thingys which of course was designed to cater for Canadians, it such a rigmoral everytime I ring as it doesn't understand our accent. Of course when my phone conked out i was on the phone to Scott who had forgotten to take a note he had written himself with him, and it wouldn't let me top up so i had to use the pay phone downstairs. It's so annoying especially when I am waiting on phonecalls.

Someone is cooking something here that smells like catfood, its wafting in our window. Mmm mm Whiskers meaty goodness! We are having 2 min noodles for tea exciting ay (mind you better than catfood). Scott got called out to Captin as he was walking out the door so don't know when he will be home. At least he has got tomorrow off well as far as I know, it's the second weekend in a row that he only gets 1 day off, so hopefully I'm not a Nigel (that's a no mates for those of you not from Gisborne) all weekend.

A guy at Scott's work knows someone after a designer sounds like designing a bit of everything from shop displays to parade floats so we will see what happens there. I haven't heard from the place I had the interview at but then again my phone isn't going today!! This entry is getting pretty long so I better wrap it up. Keep up with the comments always good to hear from you guys. Miss everyone.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott