Wednesday, 12 September 2007

heres another photo entry

hi ya

yep I did it again and got the order all up the wop. Just wanted to add a few photos, so there are 2 entries for photos and then the proper blog entry. This is a photo of Scott at the fair (see blog entry) eating a corn dog, it was just like the hot dogs you get at the show at home.

catch ya later

check this thing out

hi again

just wanted to add a few photos, Check out the jets on this thing!! Are you jealous dad? couldn't find a price on it but it would just about blow you out of the pool. The blog entry is below.

Bye bye

Heelllooo out there.

hi guys,
yeah i know its been ages since the last posting, but to be fair we haven't recieved many comments either!!! What have we been up to? not much really. I have had a few more hours at Design house lately worked 4 days last week including sat and sun, and am doing the same this week. I think its just because people have been away don't think it is going to be a regular gig doing all weekend or well I hope not.

We now have something on the wall!! check out the link, i printed off some of the best of our travelling photos and mounted them on foam board and blu tacked them up. I haven't sorted through all the photos yet so it's a work in progress we will just keep adding to it. Oh they don't call it blu tack here its "reusable adhesive" which happens to be bright blue.

Um what else, the weekend before it was a long weekend, labour day or something and we went to The fair at the PNE which was basically there version of an A&P show. Less stalls and more food and rides though, and it had a parade with floats and people dressed up like cartoon characters. They had a sandcastle competition there too, not your average little kiddie affair either it was pretty amazing they must use some kind of glue or something it was incredible. It kept trying to rain all that weekend but it's been gorgeous ever since, the leaves are starting to change and it's getting cooler at night and in the mornings.

We bought the first season of Heros on DVD so we are frantically watching a few episodes each night as the next season starts here on the 27th of September I made milo biccies the other day, the milo isn't as chocolatey here but they were still really really yum ( better than kahlia's mums ones cos mine are chewy), the only problem is they are like Pringles once you pop you just can't stop!

Ooh I almost forgot , we went for a walk the other night along the water front and there are always people rollerblading and riding bikes, walking dogs and jogging etc. We came around this corner and there was an little old grey haired couple roller blading they must have been in there late 60's it was hilarious. I said to Scott i want to be like that when I'm old and he made a crack along the lines of you can barely walk now, which is true to some degree.

Well I think that is about it for now, as I said before I am working all weekend again but hopefully we will get up to something exciting the following weekend.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott