Monday, 22 October 2007

what a #@!$^&*% day

oh my god we have had a hell of a day well afternoon the day started out alright we went out for breakfast, then went out to metrotown this afternoon i got a nice green jersey. We came home and were going to go to the supermarket. Scott had his keys so i didn't grab mine we locked the apartment pushed the button for the lift it arrived we got in and as scott stepped in his keyring broke an dthe key to our apartment fell down the crack between the lift and the floor! Scott stayed behind to ring the building manager to try and sort thing out and the rest of us went off to the supermarket. In our parking building there are 2 like garage door/gates that you have to use our swipey thingys (like to get in the building and make the lift works) to open. Some dumb bitch had mucked around 2 long so the door was coming down as she went through and she had left the sunroof thing sticking up which got ripped off and the door ended up hanging down on one side. So we couldn't get to our carpark so have had to pay for parking in the hotel carpark tonight. And the parking machine wouldn't accept my eftpos card kept saying it was invalid so I had to use my visa card. Aargh what a night!! Scott nded up ringing a locksmith to let us in but he couldn't come straight a way so we went to the pub next door for tea while we were waiting. 3 hours later and we are back in our apartment.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Thursday, 18 October 2007

weekend at whistler

hi everybody

As promised this blog entry should be a little more exciting. You may recall back when we were in Germany we went to Freiburg to stay with Scott and Katinka (the scotts went to uni together), we have been repaying the favour. They are on there way to NZ to work for a year or so, and have a month to fill in Canada and the states on the way. They drove up from Seattle but hadn't considered being held up at the border, and then got a bit lost so didn't arrive till 11.30pm last tuesday. I showed them around on the wednesday but had to work on thursday and friday. Its been great Katinka absolutely hated the food in the USA and was dying to cook, so I didn't have to cook all week what great house guests!

On Saturday we all went to Whistler for the weekend. You may have heard of Whistler it is a ski resort town 2-2.5 hours north of Vancouver. It was a beautiful trip up, with the leave changing colour, and amazing scenery with the distant snow capped mountains, and smaller mountains/hills completely covered in pine trees going right down to the sea. As Whistler is where all the skiing events will be during the 2010 winter Olympics they are currently widening the road so it was road works basically the whole way which was a shame, they got in the way of some great photos. We stopped in Squamish on the way, which is about half way. Had a toilet stop, a coffee and a photo with the giant lumberjack statue. There are a few little clusters of lodges etc before you get right into Whistler village itself which was where we were staying. It is absolutely gorgeous up there! The Village is pedestrian only and looks like a little Alpine village you would see in movies.
In summer the mountains are used for mountain biking, which is why Marsden (the other scott not my scott) wanted to go up there. Unfortunately we missed the mountain biking season by a week, so the lifts weren't going and you couldn't bike on the mountain itself but other tracks were open. On arriving and seeing how beautiful it was we decided to stay an extra night. So on the saturday afternoon we strolled around the village, and that night we ordered pizza and got it delivered (not hotel room service) and watched the ice hockey on tv. On sunday the boys went mountain biking while us girls did some retail therapy (mainly katinka all I bought was a pair of socks as I hadn't packed enough.) While out riding the boys saw some bear poo near the ski lifts at the edge of the village, they didn't tell katinka how close it was because she would have freaked. They didn't see an actual bear, although some ladies walking that they passed said they had. It was kind of weird all the rubbish bins throughout Whistler are bear proof, we figured that they must come down into the village at night in search for food. The guy at the bike rental place said not to worry about the bears there as they are so used to people however feeding and patting weren't recommended.

We stayed at the Best Western Listel Hotel, it was kinda flash but reasonable as it is the low season. They folded the hand towels in the bathroom into a pocket and tucked the flannels in the pocket it looked quite cool. Scott and I have decided to go back up there for Christmas, as there will be snow down at village level then. Unfortunately it won't be as cheap then, and also really busy I finally managed to book us in to the Holiday Inn today. So we are going to have a white christmas wooohoo. So we better learn to snowboard or ski before then. I'm thinking snow boarding will be easier on the knees as as the boots are normal and not at an angle like ski boots. Also other people are less likely to lose an eye no poles.

Well that is probably long enough. I will add a few extra little entries for photos, so far have only sorted scott and katinka's photos, so must get cracking.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

fingers crossed

hope this works if so the link is a video of scott mountain biking

I'm a lumberjack and i'm OK

hopefully i get the order right this time.
heres us Scott, me, Katinka and Marsden in Squamish

catch ya later

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Part 1:

Hi guys yes like the Americans, Canada celebrate Thanksgiving everything seems the same turkey, yams, pumpkin pie, something to do with the pilgrims and the indians. The only difference is the Canadian celebrations are a month earlier.

This morning we went for a walk to Stanley Park and took photos of the changing landscape and leaves.
See attachment. There were so many people about probably because its the first sunny day we have had in a while. It was quite odd some people were really rugged up with coats, scarves, gloves, and a wooly hats and the next person is in a mini skirt. It has cooled down alot there was definitely the snowy bite in the air.

We came home about 3.30pm to put our roast on. (Note this is the first roast either of us has cooked) We thought we would give thanks giving a kiwi feel and are having roast beef instead of turkey. It smells wonderful, hope it tastes as good. Obviously we couldn't get kumara over here so got sweet potatoes instead. They look like albino kumara but are easier to peel.

Part 2:

The roast was beautiful! and I was a good girl and didn't put tomato sauce on it. Scott threatened to throw the sauce off the balcony if I got it out so I had gravy. Pumpkin pie is really yum, it doesnt taste like pumpkin at all I think they just use it as an ingredient for colour and texture. We will have to get the recipe and make some when we come home so you guys can try it, it is really good.

So that was our first Thanksgiving, we were half way through our meal and then realised in the movies everyone says what they are thankful for, so maybe next year we will get it right and do turkey and the whole shebang.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Saturday, 6 October 2007

hey remember us

hi guys

Yes i know I said I wouldn't leave it for ages for the next blog entry, but I received some bad news last week and wasn't really in the mood for writing. For those of you that don't know what happened email me and I will fill you in I don't want to put it on the blog and I have lost track of who I have told. God that sounds a little scary doesn't it for the record Scott and I are both fine didn't want you guys worrying.

On a happier note I had a weekend off yes both days which was the first time in like a month. We did the touristy thing on Saturday and took the Seabus over to North Vancouver, had lunch at Lonsdale Quay and then caught the bus (it was one mighty grunty bus) to Capilano Suspension bridge. I don't know about you guys but when I hear suspension bridge I think of the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco, not a rope/swing bridge (like in indiana jones but made of metal) which is what capilano is. Its the longest swing bridge in North America and man did it get a bit of a swing on once you were out in the middle, as there were quite a few people on it. On the other side of the canyon they had a little walkway with viewing decks out over the canyon, and a series of 7 little swing bridges that created a walkway through the tree tops about 30m off the ground. The trees are all hundred year old + Douglas fir pine trees they were absolutely huge, well height wise, there trunks weren't as big as the mighty kauri.

Scott has downloaded the photos on to his work laptop so I haven't got those right now but i will put them up ASAP. He just rang me he has had to take the bus home tonight so he won't be home for another hour yet. I am working both days this weekend, scotts work are playing paintball tomorrow (sat) then going to watch the All Blacks game in a pub, him and chris (the other kiwi) are going to introduce the others to rugby. They showed them some pictures of the All Blacks the other day and they were like all the front row don't have necks! monday is Thanksgiving (so yes another public holiday,) we are giving it a bit of kiwi flavour and having a roast instead of turkey, we are still going to have pumpkin pie for dessert though got to try that. It has gotten a lot colder here over the last couple of weeks we had an overnight low of 0 last night, I didn't expect it to get that cold so soon into Autumn or Fall as they say here. They actually have greeting cards for fall, thanksgiving and halloween here, Hallmark must be making a killing. We bought wool coats last weekend we might be using them sooner than we thought.

We have friends from germany arriving on tuesday so hopefully the next entry will be a little more exciting. i will try and keep on top of it again I promise. Keep up the comments

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott