Saturday, 17 November 2007

Finally something new and exciting.

yes i know you haven't heard from us in a while, yes we are still alive. I have been working 6 day weeks lately, and we haven't been up to anything else so there wasn't anything to put on the blog. i'm not sure if i have said this before or not but the owners of Design house where i work have just opened up a Marimekko concept store, so I am going to be working at both. I have spent alot of the past 2-3 weeks checking off and pricing the new stock, and last week 2 ladies from marimekko head office in Finland arrived to teach us about the company and stock and help get things ready. The shop looks fantastic everything is white, floors,walls counter, shelves everything but the stock is really colourful so it looks great. I spent all of last thursday just folding towels needless to say i am quite good at it now. It was the grand opening last night and we had one of marimekko's fashion designers there Mika Pir?nen as well as a PR lady and the export lady from marimekko, the Finnish ambassador from the consulate here and various people from the press and other invited guests. I was manning the till as it was a similar system to the one at designhouse and no one else knew how to use it, so the new manager thinks i'm a legend. Everyone that came got a goodie bag, the press got a notebook and mousepad and brochures and everyone else got a mug. We had heaps of mugs left over so I scored one, Scott popped in but felt a bit out of place so went home and somehow missed out on a goodie bag which was a shame it would have been nice to have a pair. Other people got photos of the shop so I will try and get some off them to show you guys.

In other legendary news a few weeks ago we had some shop lifters (a guy and a girl) that tried to steal a $280 leather hand bag and Anne and Steve (the owners of DH) caught them and they took off. The next day they came in the door saw i had seen them and left again. Last Saturday they came back and I recognised them and stood right next to what they were looking at (sonja was serving someone, bryan was down the back and laura was down stairs) the guy moved to look at the cutlery and I followed they then clicked I knew who they were. They went to leave and I noticed Sonja had finished with her customer so I said in a really loud voice " hey those are the people that tried to steal that leather hand bag" all the customers turned around and they quickly scurried out of the shop. Sonja told all the other staff and they think I'm a legend.

In other extremely exciting news we now have a car!!!!! It was a long weekend last weekend so i actually got 2 days with scott. All the car yards seemed to be closed on sunday so on monday we headed off to new Westminister to have a look at a car. We had been out here the weekend before there are quite a few car yards out there, however the one we were after only looked about 7 blocks from the skytrain station ( on the map) we thought that isn't far can't be too bad. How we were wrong! yes it was only about 7 blocks but it was all uphill! I was just about dead by the time we got there. We took a 95 Geo Tracker (aka a Suzuki Sidekick with a different badge) for a test drive. We didn't realise quite how the insurance worked, you need it to get off the lot, an insurance broker meets you there and brings the number plates for you car insurance is through the government of course. So yeah we couldn't take it because we didn't have scotts insurance history with us so we left a deposit and Scott picked it up on Wednesday night. I have only been in it for the test drive so far we will have to go out randomly driving around on sunday. Its kinda odd on the passenger side there is like a handle bar, might work well I can hang on when I feel like I should be doing something. Check out the link. I will try and keep this a little more up to date, things should calm down a bit at work now the shop is up and running.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott