Thursday, 20 December 2007

6 more sleeps till santa

hey everybody

it is the 19th here today and you would think everybody would be out doing there christmas shopping but no! As you have probably realised I am so rushed off my feet at work that i have managed to fit in writing a blog entry. just as well someone was sick really it doesn't need 3 of us i here twiddling our thumbs, i just hope everyone is healthy come christmas eve so i can leave early. WOOHOO ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!! and we are off to Whistler wooohooo!!! There better be snow! Well i spose I really should be dusting or something, I was so bored earlier that I even scrubbed marks on the floor with jif, or vim as it is called here same logo and everything though. I will write a proper entry later at home as we have photos of our christmas lights and stuff. catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

oh the weather outside is frightful, let it snow let it snow let it snow

We got up on saturday morning to find it lightly snowing in the city!! It snowed off and on all weekend varying in intensity. Saturday night and sunday morning there was quite a thick blanket of snow over everything, but by sunday afternoon the snow had started mixing with rain so it all became a sludgy mess. Today you wouldn't have thought anything had happened its been raining today (big surprise) but its alot warmer we actually made in into double figures, we were lucky to get to 1 degree over the weekend. Apparently it doesn't usually get that cold here and snowing in the city is rare.

On sunday we had our first driving in the snow adventure. As scott was off to Seattle today he wanted to go to point roberts border crossing and re do our visa waivers as our last ones had run out. When you cross the border to the states as a foreigner you have to pay $6 and have your fingerprints done and a photo taken for there records they put a little green piece of paper in your passport and for the next 3 months its easier to cross the border. Ours had just expired and Scott didn't want to be mucking around at the major border at night, so we told them we were going into point roberts to buy nz wine from the supermarket there as they have a better selection. We didn't realise you are meant to pay duties bring alcohol over the border but the canadian border guard was really nice and let us off.

Because we live in quite a high traffic area both cars and pedestrian the snow was packed down a little in our area. Once we got out in suburbia it was a different story, there were some side streets that didn't look like they had been driven down they looked like postcards, it was absolutely gorgeous. The snow just made everything look so beautiful and really christmasy

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

Craziness in Yaletown

Well this has been an absolutely mad week with lots of ups and down. It started off with actress Anne Heche (use to be Ellen Degeneres's girlfriend then she went back to dudes) coming into marimekko she was with her Men in trees co-star and boyfriend. They had already bought quite a bit from design house and she asked about kids stuff and they sent her down to us. That was the first major star that I have seen here, you always see in the paper so and so was spotted leaving blah dee blah but I always seem to miss them.

The next bit of excitement was or well scandal was the new manager at marimekko quit after 2 weeks, she didn't think it was busy enough, but hello what do you expect its a new shop. I thought that was going to be the highlight of friday how I was wrong.

I was working at design house on friday and it had been kinda quiet for while that afternoon, at 5pm a guy comes rushing into the store. I was standing at the end of the counter and Sonja (one of the managers) was standing behind the till. The guy got to about a metre away from the counter lifted up his top to show us the gun poked into the top of his pants and said "give me all the money". he then went on to say "don't ring anyone and no one gets hurt" with that my phone instantly goes bbbbrrrring telling me i had a text message i couldn't believe it, no one else actually noticed i thought it was quite loud though. he said something about being a robber and "I really need the money if i don't get the money I'm going to get whacked tonight". We gave him the money and he shoved it in his bag and took off. The store is kinda L shaped and brian was right round the back and hadn't realised anything had happened. We rang the police and they arrived pretty quickly, and had to give a description and a statement. You all know about my freaky mega memory (as scott puts it) yeah that went out the window, I could only describe the bag, his grey baseball cap that was on backwards and he was wearing aviator sunglasses, as well as basic things like 6 footish caucasion. need less to say we shut the shop early as there wasn't much point staying open when we had no money. Sonja usually walks home which takes like 40 mins so I told her to come home with me and Scott could give her a ride home when he got home. So we went home and had a drink and talked about it and had a bit of a laugh, scott got a bit tied up at work and Sonja decided she was ok now so went home. The cops were just as surprised that it had happened as we were, one said "well this is the first armed hold up in a furniture store I've been to, its usually banks this time of year". He only got $360, the stereos on the shelf behind him were worth twice that. he obviously wasn't too bright hello who goes into a furniture store and buys a couch with cash I mean really! the cafe across the road probably had more cash on hand.

Tune in next time for our winter escapades.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

2 little snow bunnies

I just found a really great radio station on the net, anyway I have got side tracked already I have heaps of exciting news this week.
We have had some odd weather lately Monday it rained in town and actually snowed at Scott's work at around 5-pm, Tuesday absolutely gorgeous sunny day still cold but sunny, Wednesday absolutely pelted down, Thursday gorgeous sunny day again, hopefully this will keep up all winter and not rain for 43 days straight like it did last year.

Ok second piece of exciting news (snow in delta was the first) last weekend we bought a taboggan on the Saturday, then on Sunday we went to Grouse mountain and played in the snow, they don't have anywhere where you can use sleds unfortunately. It was really cool you can only drive so far up then you have to take a cable car to the summit. Now this is no skyline skyrides in rotovegas gondola, these ones can hold 100 people at a time and you rise 1000 metres in 8 minutes. it was an amazing view of the city on the ride up it was a pity it was a bit cloudy. About half way up you started to notice a sprinkling of snow on the tree tops, and when you got to the summit everything was coated it was great. they have a little outdoor ice rink up there, it was incredible all these little kids hoofing it around on skates some looked 4 years old at the most with tiny little skates. Also up there they have a little movie theatre that plays documentries on the area etc, and 2 baby grizzlie bears in an enclosure, the cubs were orphaned and quite large. They weren't hibernating but they were hiding in there little house, but one came out to eat some snow just as we got there to have a look which was great. They had a few snow machines going it felt like light rain on your face, but unfortunately meant the snow wouldn't bind to make a snow man.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott