Sunday, 3 February 2008

I'm all aloooone


How is everyone? I'm a nigel no mates this weekend while Scott is in Whistler for the weekend with the guys from work for the annual QCA ski(booze up) trip (no girls allowed). He has actually got work on up there as well so won't be back till tuesday. The funny thing is they just picked a weekend and booked the accomodation with out looking into it and it is Gay Pride week in Whistler this week so no doubt he will come back with some interesting stories. I finally get a day off at the weekend and he's not here, but I only have 4 days work this week then I have 4 days off YAY!!!! We are thinking of going away next weekend not sure yet.

Speakingof going away we have sorted some flights out!!! So we leave vancouver on the 24th march and arrive in auckland at 5.10 am then catch the 8am flight to napier and arrive at 9am on the 26th march at Napier airport , and we head back to Vancouver on the 8th april. We haven't sorted out how we are getting back up to auckland yet. We will be spending the majority of the time in hawkes bay, and going to see my nan in gissy and scotts mum and larry in wairoa (and bids) but we figure the rest of you lot can come and see us! We have already travelled half way round the world and 2 weeks isn't enough time to go round everywhere we would like but it's all the time we could get off. So you guys better make the effort or we will take you off the xmas card list. I'm so excited I can't wait to see everyone I haven 't quite started counting down yet cause Scott will mock me ( he disagrees with my counting he just doesn't get advent calendars).

Well that's about all my news I think.

catch you guys later

Love Monique (aka nigel) and Scott

little bit of catching up

It's really kinda odd, over here at New years, there are no big street parties or fireworks it's all flash little cocktail parties that you have to buy tickets for. That will set you back $100 each and oooh you get a free glass of champagne! should be a bloody bottle for that price! I was working new years eve (big surprise) thankfully we closed early. After tea we went to Sonja's ( she is one of the managers at design house) place for drinkies and nibbles, we had a great night it was really good to meet some new people, and we had homemade egg nogg ( which tastes heaps better than the stuff that comes in the bottle funny what a difference booze makes) and mulled wine. New years day I had off yay, but not much was open and I can't even remember what we did, i think it involved quite a bit of sleeping. What else has happened over the past few weeks? um lots of rain and lots of working my days off aren't together which is a reall pain. I saw the blond guy out of Two guys a girl and a pizza place ( character's name was berg i think) walking along in yale town.

In other celebrity news Anne Heche came back into design house with her boyfriend and he was being a real diva, he wanted just the fish slice out of a set of kitchen utensils but they are a boxed set and he couldn't understand why we wouldn't sell him just the 1 piece, he was a real jerk. Apparantly last time they were in they expected a free umbrella as it was raining.
But more excitingly Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore came into designhouse on saturday, they were looking at furniture and I asked them if they needed any help, and he asked me if i wss australian and when I said no nz he was like "oh my god I'm so sorry I know you guys really hate each other, usually I'm better at telling the difference" they went down stairs to look at the rest of the furniture and i could hear him saying to her something about he's really got to stop assuming where people are from or something like that.

Scott went ot buy his lunch the other day and his eftpos card declined and the little machine said ring your bank. So he did and someone drew $480 out of our account from an ATM in Montreal (on the other side of the country). The bank realised it was something fishy as scott had used his card to buy a coffee that morning and the time between transactions were far to close to cross the country so they cancelled his card. the bank are investigating how this person got a copy of scott card and pin number they think it might have been a tampered with eftpos terminal. They have replaced the money which is the main thing, so scott is just stuck with using cash until he can get into the bank to get a new card.

Last thursday was a busy day I had to go into the Police station for a police line up (because of the armed hold up we had at work)! It wasn'y quite like in the movies though, just photos I was a little disapointed actually. They had a tape recorder and the police man had to read the instructions to me, there were 10 photos. The thief wasn't in there though. It took all of 5 secounds and I had been waiting in the lobby for ages. They did drop me home though which was great as it was raining pretty hard. I got my hair cut that day too, it is now shoulder length and layered so yeah she cut about a foot off. Needless to say I am not going through quite as much shampoo now.

We went to the aquarium a couple of weeks ago it was quite cool. When you think aquarium you think of small tropical fish but they actually had seals,sea lions, dolphins and beluga whales as well, which you could see out side in big pools or underground through a big window. It was quite funny we were underground wathining the seals when the big sealion came along and just stopped right in front of the window and just stayed there checking us out, I suppose they find us just as interesting. The beluga whales were a bit weird, ugly as sin probably best describes them, because they live in such a cold climate they have a lot of blubber so when watching them through the window it was giant "flabby guts and saggy man breasts" flopping all over the show it was really quite revolting especially after the sleek aerodynamic dolphins. I had a photo to put with this but its having issues, maybe because my computer is full, so i will work on the photos.

Well that catches you up to the present.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott