Tuesday, 25 March 2008

NO MORE SLEEPS (well sort of)

Hi everyone

Well we are on our way home! We are currently just mucking around in LAX airport. It has been a long day. We were at the Vancouver airport at 5.30am this morning like our ticket said to be. Our flight was meant to leave at 8.20 but we didn't board till after 8.30 and then we had to wait some more so we ended up 40 min late. That wasn't a problem for us as our flight to NZ doesn't leave till 8.30pm. We went through US customs in Vancouver (odd I know)so when we arrived here we basically just walked straight out of the airport I think it was treated like a domestic flight. Then we had to make our way to the international terminal next door - note it isn't very well sign posted. It's a really weird airport as usually when you are in transit you stay on the gate side and don't have to go through customs again, but here everything is quite separate and we are going to have to go through all the palava again in a few hours time. So we had lunch and we bought some internet time just trying to pass the time. We sat out side in the sun for a while watching all the parking lot buses do laps, not a cloud in the sky unlike home (Vancouver that is). It was quite cool flying in to LA - we saw the Hollywood sign (it didn't look as big as I thought it would be) oh and as we were flying across Washington state we saw Mt St Helens. That’s about all for now. See you in 19 hours.

Love Monique and Scott

Friday, 21 March 2008

4 more sleeps (till we leave) and happy Easter

hi guys

Just thought I would give you one quick little update before we jet home for 2 weeks. 4 more sleeps woohoo!!! Happy Easter everyone!

I had a root canal done yesterday, it seems ok just gets a little niggley every now and then (but nothing compared to the pain beforehand) so fingers crossed it is all good. I have to go back to the dentist when I get back and have a proper filling put in and a crown to strenghen it.

It has been absolutely freezing for the last week or so, so really looking forward to some sunshine I don't think I have been so white in my life.

They don't have marshmallow easter eggs here come to think of it they didn't in Italy either. The hot crossed buns are different too they don't have as much cinnamon in them and have mixed fruit (eg fake cherrys) in them. They have got Cadbury creme eggs only original and caramel flavors though, but they have bags of mini ones.

Scott has been working late the last couple of nights to make up for the 2 weeks away, he might have some work to do over the weekend too but can do it from home. I'm working tomorrow (good friday) only from 12-5 though, its a holiday but not for retail, sunday is the only stat.

Well must get cracking and pack, I have done so many loads of washing over the last few days, but don't want to come back and have no undies!

catch ya later

Love Monique and Scott

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

2 weeks 2 go woo hoo!!!!

Long time no see I know, its been pretty full on of late. Where did i leave you last time? oh thats right Scott was away with work.

He came back on the tuesday (my birthday was the thurs), wednesday night he makes out he hasn't had time to get me a birthday present! Then just before bed he gets a bottle of soy milk out of his backpack and I'm thinking
" he had time to get milk and nothing for me!!" Then he pulled a present out of his bag he had just been winding me up. Naughty ay!!! He got me a lovely silver necklace that looks like a wax seal.

What else has happened of late? Our apartment is starting to look like a proper apartment. A new girl started at marimekko and we were talking about ikea, and I said I had to get a bed and table and chairs before my parents come over, and she said I've got a pine table from ikea I'm just going to throw out if you want it. So we scored a dining room table, its bare pine so it needs finishing so I have a wee project. I was talking to kevin at designhouse about how we wanted a Wii (its a game consol that you have to wave your arms about to make the controls work) once we had a tv, and he said I've got one just sitting in my storage shed if you want to borrow it. So he came and dropped it off on friday and fell in love with our apartment and wants it when we leave.

Also on friday I woke up feeling like I had been clenching my teeth in my sleep. As the day progressed the pain got worse. Saturday we popped in to a dentist in yaletown but i couldn't get in till monday morning, so i took more ibuprofen and we went to the bank and got scott another eftpos card as his had been copied again they took nearly a grand this time but the bank paid it back straight away.

Saturday night we went out for dinner and drinks with Jonathan and Megan and a couple of there friends (Scott use to flat with Reuben, Jonathan's brother we only recently found out he lives here). We went to go to Steamworks brewery and restaurant but they were full so they sent us next door to Steamworks Trans Continental there flasher big brother in the old railway station. The decor is more expensive looking but the food is basically the same as next door cheap which is quite deceiving. Its full of big round booths and of course has the high ceilings of the station its quite New York, Art Decowie looking it was really nice. Then we went to a little bar called the black frog, I of course wasn't drinking as I had 3 times the amount of ibuprofen in my system to what the packet recommended.

Sunday teeth pretty excruciating by then, I have never looked forward to going to the dentist so much in my life. Today (monday) I went to the dentist at 8 am this morning (I haven't been up at that early in a long time) she did
x-rays and came to the same conclusion that I had that the problem was my wisdom teeth. She said she would refer me to an oral surgeon and that he would probably get me in for a consult before I went on holiday and take them out when I got back. She also gave me a prescription for penicillin and said to come back when my wisdom teeth were sorted as she thought the nerve had died in another molar (no surprises there the nasty dentist i had at high school hit the nerve in that tooth with the drill when doing a filling). So I came home and rang work explained the situation and went back to bed as I haven't had more than 2 hours continuos sleep in 3 days. I got up just after 2pm and the phone has been going mental ever since, first dad was texting me to see how I got on, then Anne ( one of the owners of work) rang to see how I was and to tell me to take it easy. I had just hung up when it rang again and it was the oral surgeon they had had a cancellation on thursday and will take them out then! I had the option of whether I wanted to be knocked out or just the area frozen, I chose the first option as a) I am a fainter and b) I think they are taking all 4 out and the top ones are still buried in my gums. So Scott has organised the day off to take me. It has all happened so fast its crazy. Oh forgot to mention fingers crossed the extended health insurance we have through Scott's work pay for this, they paid for 75% of my dentist visit this morning so here's hoping.

Yeah so needless to say the last few days have taken the shine off it only being 2 weeks till we come home. Hopefully I am back on solid food by then I'm dying for a pie!! I will try and keep this updated with how it goes but hey I will see you all soon anyway. Can't wait to see everyone!

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott