Saturday, 24 May 2008

some super duper big exciting news!!!!!!!

(23 may 2008)
Yeah I know I have neglected the blog since we have been back in Canada, Yes our trip home was nearly 2 months ago and i still haven't made a post about our big news. I actually wrote most of this blog the week we got back but was waiting for photos to accompany it, I still haven't got photos (sorry kate I'm working on it) but figured I should just post it anyway.

(written some time in April)
Well we have just got back to cold rainy Vancouver (well actually the sun is pouring in my lounge windows at the moment it has been raining quite heavily though) after 2 glorious weeks back in NZ.
But that's not the exciting part.

On Friday (4th April) our last day in Hawkes Bay (before spending a few days in Auckland before flying out on Tuesday) . We decided to have Hells pizza for tea as the pizza in Van is rubbish. So we jumped in the mighty rav and Scott says "do you want to have a last look at the beach first?" So we headed down to Marine Parade daylight was slowly disappearingand we headed down onto the beach. I was having a little Aquarian moment (random crying session) looking out to sea wondering when I would see home again when Scott says "I've got something that might cheer you up". I turned around and he was down on his knee holding a ring box!!!!! I think i said yes before he had even finished the magic sentence.

So we are engaged!!!

We got back with the pizza, Dad already knew as Scott had cornered him in the garage earlier, but we thought we would just wait and see how long it took my Mum and Nan to realise. They took too long, I even handed Mum a bottle of coke with my left hand and she still didn't notice so we told them.

(back to present day)
No dates yet for the big day, it will definitely be back in New Zealand. Just depends when Canadian Immigration kick us out really, which fingers crossed isn't in 2 weeks, we are waiting to hear back about our applications to stay. Well better go and cook some tea.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott