Wednesday, 18 June 2008

we've been here a year

Well hello people, yeah I have got slack with this again but we have been busy with work and visitors and playing on our Wii hehe etc. You may have noticed that the past few entries haven’t had photos this is because my laptop is completely full and it won’t let me upload photos, we are working on it.

The big news for this entry is that we are no longer illegal immigrants (we were for only a week) our new visas have come through and we can stay for 2 years. It was starting to get really annoying not knowing what was going on, there were things we wanted to buy but didn’t like to incase we got deported, we couldn’t do day trips to the states incase they didn’t let us back in. We rang immigration a few days before our old ones expired and they hadn’t even started processing it yet which was a little scary, but they arrived in the mail the other day. Definitely the most exciting mail I have found in the letter box for a long time.

Scott has been really busy at work, and has spent the last week working up in Whistler, Shaun and Caroline were over here visiting so I wasn’t by myself all week which was nice. He came back Friday night but sent me a bunch of flowers Friday afternoon with a note saying “I’ll be home soon”. What a sweetie!!!!

The weather has been really mental here we had a week of really hot weather clear skies and 28 degrees, then we hada cold couple of weeks where we were lucky to make it to double figures. It fined up at the weekend and we went and had a picnic on Saturday down by the waterfront it was gorgeous until a giant seagull pooped on us. And today it is cold and grey again!! When is it going to be summer!!!

Saturday night we went out with the designhouse gang (people I work with) and did karaoke. It was so fun, I thought I would have needed a lot more alcoholic persuasion to get my brave than I did. It was really great the place was made up of a whole bunch of private rooms, they weren’t very sound proof however, you could quite clearly hear the people in the room nextdoor whilst in the bathroom and they didn’t sound like they were having as much fun as we were.

Sunday we went to Commercial drive which is a street full of alternative shops and lots of café’s and restaraunts that locals rave on about. Normally we think it’s a bit overrated but they had closed the street to cars and there were stalls everywhere and music and crazy people it was great. A friend of ours girlfriend use to own a café right down the bottom of the drive she has just sold it and Sunday was her last day so we thought we should go and check it out. There was a stage right in front of the café so scott told her how to make a flat white and we sat on an old couch out side watching everyone dance and listening to the music. It’s quite a hippie area so there were some interesting sites including a trannie on a bicycle that had a steering wheel instead of handle bars.

Well I better go, I will try and keep a bit more up to date.

Catch ya later
Luv Monique and Scott