Thursday, 21 August 2008

Pride week vancouver

hello again

A few weeks ago it was (gay) pride week in vancouver so we went down to watch the parade with friends Michelle and Mike. It was really awesome it went on for over an hour. Some of the floats were really well done and some were lame like politicians just trying to get themselves seen. I took a lot of photos but most of them are a bit R rated, or there is someone's arm in the way.

I don't know if you can clearly see the logos on the drag queens hats, and yes you are not mistaken it is in fact the Air NZ logo! They are trying to cash in on the "pink" dollar and advertising nz as a gay/lesbian friendly destination. They were giving out lip gloss that is on a rainbow cord that you can put around your neck, I managed to get one. It's weird I don't know what flavour lip gloss it is but I recognise the smell from when I was a kid, it's driving me mad trying to remember what it is.

After the parade we went down to the beach where the parade actually ended and they had lots of stalls and food and a stage set up it was really cool. They had a girl standing in the right hand corner at the front of the stage doing sign language translating whatever the person on the stage was saying or singing, I thought that was quite neat.

Well I know I say this everytime I will try and keep up with this. We are off to Las Vegas in 2 weeks with my parents so I should have lots to write about after that.

catch ya later

Love Monique and Scott

find of the century

I was just walking home the other night after work and I cut through this little square it's all cobbled and has park benches etc. When I see sitting next to the last bench a Wassily Chair. For those of you who don't know (probably most of you actually) the Wassily chair was designed in 1925 for the director of the Bauhaus (most famous art/design school of all time sadly shut down by the nazi's) his office. I have done projects on this chair when I was studying, despite what it looks like it is quite comfortable. So to see one just sitting there on the street blew me away. It was sort near a sport supplement shop so i went in and asked if the guy knew anything about it and he didn't realise it was out there and said take it if you want it. So I did! I was only a block from home and it wasn't too heavy but I must have looked really funny though. I was so excited by the time I got home I was actually shaking,(thats a bit sad really isn't it.) It needs a bit of repair the back strap and one of the arms have come away at the stitching. But I don't mind paying to get that fixed considering real ones produced by Knoll cost a couple of grand. I might actually get it redone in leather as at the moment it is only vinyl. It will definitely be being shipped back to NZ when we leave anyway. I think it might be the only piece of furniture in our apartment that isn't from Ikea.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott

hello long time no see

Hi everyone,

Yes we are still alive, despite poplar belief. My computer was so full of photos of our trip that it wouldn't let me add any more to the blog, and without photos the entries aren't quite so interesting. Well thats my excuse anyway.

A lot has been going on at the moment you will see I have added 3 entries. My parents arrive on sunday woohoo, they actually arrive 5 hours before they left crazy ay.

As you can see by the photo that accompanies this one that we have FINALLY got a proper bed!!!! Mind you it was worth the wait because we scored the frame and headboard from Chris and Sue (chris is the other kiwi at scott's work) andd scored the boxspring from my work. For the first few nights it felt like we were sleeping at the top of a mountain we felt so high. It is fabulous and must be a lot better on my back, it only took us a year to get. The picture above the bed is some fabric from my work marimekko that I have stretched over a frame, but unlike the rest of the fabrics available this one is actually signed which I thought was cool.

A few Fridays ago I thought I had had a terrible day at work as I had been by myself and it was very busy, however got home to the lobby of our building when my phone rings. It's Scott and he says youare not going to believe what just happened to me! (Of course my mind immediately jumps to really terrible conclusions.) and he says "the roof just blew off the car!" Now our little Geo tracker (also known as a Suzuki sidekick) has a removable hard top roof which I will point out we have never taken off, (there is a photo of it in it's former glory in some older posts). He was driving down the 99 (one of our motorways and the main route to seattle) at 100km and the front bit just blew off. So he pulled over to the side but ofcourse the roof was in the middle of the motorway and he couldn't exactly just walk over and get it. Unfortunately there had been a large truck behind scott when it happened who didn't have time to avoid the debris so ran over it smashing the fibreglass roof to smitherines, this did however blow the pieces over to the side of the road so scott could pick them up. So scott has been having to take the bus to work as he didn't want to leave it out side all open, and spent the last week and a half trying to track down a new roof. He managed to find one and picked it up yesterday with the help of one of the guys at work with a big ute. But it is raining today so he couldn't take the car to work to attach it. So hopefully the weather will fine up tomorrow. It's one of those things you just can't help but laugh at, I mean what are the chances.

I will spread the other news over the next few emails to add more photos.

Catch you guys later.

love Monique and Scott