Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sinus surgery update


Just thought this was probably easier than writing a million emails to keep everyone up with the play. As some of you will be aware I was meant to have sinus surgery on the 3rd of march (which my mum and nan came over especially for) which got cancelled at the last minute because my surgeon was still in surgery with his first case of the day.

My surgery got rescheduled for the 19th march (4 days after mum and nan went home) and I was to be the first and only surgery that day. I had to be at the hospital by 6.30am. They knocked me out for the surgery and had just put some stuff up my nose that Eric clapton sung about and my heart went mental so the anethetist called the surgery quits. I'm not sure what happened exactly either my blood pressure or my pulse rate dropped I think, something to do with P waves.

So I spent the majority of the day in the recovery room because they couldn't find a bed for me, wires and tubes everywhere. My veins are kinda skinny and they hide so they tortured me taking blood in the morning and again later. The cardiologist came and saw me and sent me to have MIBI tests one at rest and then one the next day after a stress test. They injected radioactive stuff in me then put me in a machine with my arms over my head for 15 min and took scans of my heart, i had to do the at rest one twice because the first one my bowel was in the way or something. Its not very fun laying with your arms above your head with an IV in the inside of your forearm for that long. The guy that designed the head rest needs to be shot he could have made it a lot more ergonomic for your arms, I feel really sorry for elderly people who have to have that test. the technician gave me a little card to take with me if i have to cross the border because apparently for the next week I will set off the nuclear detectors at the border, the card explains to border patrol that I'm not a bomb threat.

After the test at rest they finally found a room for me in a ward and they hooked me up to a portable/wireless thingy that showed them what my heart was doing in the nurses station, which meant I wasn't hooked up to a machine, which was a lot easier not having to worry about wires everywhere. At 7 pm a guy came to take more bloods and do another ECG, funnily he was a kiwi. He eventually got some blood after 3 or 4 tries. The blood work came back fine so at 8.45pm they finally let me go home! I just about ran out of the hospital.

I had to go back the next morning for the other half of the MIBI test. The girl at nuclear medicine got the IV in my hand first pop (I'm going to ask for her next time) then i had to go down the hall to Cardiology where they stuck heaps of those little sticky heart things on me then put me on a treadmill. They injected more radioactive stuff while I was on the treadmill, then i had to wait for 30 min and they suggested i have something to eat "the fattier the better" so I had a doughnut. Then they put me back in the machine with my arms in the air, which although still not particularly comfortable wasn't as bad as the day before with all the wires and tubes.

The cardiologist said everything looked fine while I was on the treadmill but I have an appoint ment to see her on the 3rd April. My sinus surgery has been rescheduled for the 29th April fingers crossed 3rd time lucky. Well that brings you up to date with my escapades at Burnaby hospital. Luckily it is winter and cold so i am wearing long sleeves because it looks like I have been abused with all the bruises on my arms from them trying to get blood (aka treating me like a pin cushion).

Well better go. I'm making bacon and egg pie for dinner, havent had that for a year, i found a recipe so hopefully it turns out well.

catch ya later
from Monique and Scott

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Magical birthday at Magic Kingdom 1

Hi Everyone
Yeah it's taken me a while to get this done for you guys. 10 days after we got back my mum came over but thats another story, I've been busy.

Disney World resort is actually made up of 4 theme parks, Magic Kingdom (classic disney park with cinderellas castle), Animal Kingdom (zoo like park), Epcot (the sciencey one) and Disney Hollywood studios (disney's universal studios).

Our first day in Orlando and my birthday we went to Magic Kingdom, there was a free shuttle provided by our hotel which was handy. Disney really know how to make a girl feel special, just cause it was my birthday they gave me a a gift card worth $75, and a badge that said happy birthday monique, a waiter in one of the food places there saw the badge and gave us free cookies.

We got there when it first opened and went straight for the best rides and didn't have to line up at all, We later got fast passes and did them again. They had people everywhere to take professional photos for you which you can buy online, but they would also use your camera for you aswell.

It was the best birthday I've ever had. If you ever get the chance to go to Disney world for your birthday I totally reccomend it.

Magical birthday at Magic Kingdom

The fireworks display at Magic Kingdom was just the perfect end to the perfect day. It started with Tinkerbell flying down a wire from the top of the castle to Tomorrowland and everytime you thought oh that must be the finale it started up again. The castle was all lit up and kept changing colours which was really hard to get a good photo of.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios had a lot simulator rides and interactive 3D shows which was a bit different. The simpsons ride was a combination of simulator and actual movement it was pretty cool. But by far the best ride was the The Mummy ride it was incredible but maybe a little short. The express pass is definitely worth buying the lines must get insane in the summer based on the distance you have to walk to get into some rides.

Islands of adventure

Islands of adventure was the other Universal studios park the one with all the cool rides. I took a carsick tablet the day we went here so I could do all the rides. The ride in the photo is Dueling dragons and is actually 2 different roller coasters that intertwine to within a foot of each other and we did both of them. I didn't actually scream as much as I thought I would. the castle in the foreground of the photo is the start of a Harry potter ride they are building.

Amazing scenery

The amount of detail put in to absolutely everything at all of the theme parks was incredible. Every little building or handrail was in theme. This was th Poseidons fury ride/show, it was actually really lame but the building was wicked.

oh my god look at the size of these

Ignore the fact that I look like absolute crap, it had been a very long day most of which we spent absolutely saturated. The point is look at the size of my nachos!!!!! Big surprise I didn't manage to eat them all.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Ok I got the next to entries in the wrong order. We went to Animal Kingdom in the morning then Disney Hollywood studios in the afternoon. There are some awesome rides here and a spectacular fireworks (plus more) show at night. The aerosmith rock n roller coaster was awesome it had speakers playing aerosmith music in the headrest, and goes from 0-60miles per hour in 4 seconds. Another cool one was the twilight zone tower of terror which you ride in an elevator. The Fantasmic show just before the park closes was well worth the wait to get in. It's mickey versus's all the disney baddies and fireworks and water and lasers a fantastic end to the day. yeah we didn't take alot of photos here for some reason.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Behind me you see mount Everest although you can't see it it is actually a roller coaster. It was actually the only reason we went to this park originally so we were pleasently surprised with this park. The ride was awesome we were right in the front seats of the train, I won't spoil the surprises let's just say I screamed and there were yeti's.

Like all the parks (and I know I've said it before) but the detail in everything was amazing. The park was split up into countries the major's being Africa and Asia, you could really tell when you had walked into a new area all the buildings and plants changed. This park is basically a zoo. One of the highlights is definitely the Kilamanjaro Safari (I probably spelt that wrong) you jump in an open sided bus and takes you on a safari that really feels like you are driving around the African wilderness it was awesome.

Kennedy Space Centre

As it was meant to be a launch day the day we webt to the Kennedy Space centre it was crazy busy. So here is a hot tip don't go there if there was meant to be a launch and it gets cancelled! Although we had to queue for ages for the tour around the centre it was a really cool day. The tour took us to the closest look out point to the launch pad, to the saturn five centre which had the actual control panel used in Houston for the moon landing, and a full scale replica of the Saturn 5 rocket that went to the moon. Then the bus took us to the International space station centre where you can actually see people working packaging bits up to send to the space station. Unfortunately they weren't working the day we were there as teh shuttle was all packed up and going nowhere. Back at the main visitor centre were some imax theatres, a shuttle simulator, and the rocket garden that had replicas of all the rockets nasa has sent to space and the actually gang plank thingy that Neil Armstrong walked down to get into the rocket that took him to the moon, and we walked down it. It's kind of hard to explain but it had a really amazing atmosphere out there, I suppose it was awe inspiring, those first astronauts had guts. Before going there I was a little skeptical about the moon landings I'm still not completely convinced but definitely more on the fence now.

what we were supposed to see

You can see the orange fuel tank sticking out the top, the space shuttle discovery is actually on the other side waiting to take off. It has a bit of a wait they actually drag it out here from it's hanger a month before the launch date. It takes 8 hours to get it from the hanger to the launch site. But as the launch was cancelled and rescheduled and then cancelled and rescheduled another couple of times I think it sat there for another month or so. If the launch had gone off on the 12th we wouldn't have seen it sitting on the launch pad.

Well that was florida.
Catch ya later
love monique and scott