Thursday, 14 January 2010

Grand Canyon

This is us in the helicopter on our way to the Grand Canyon. The microphones were voice activated so if you said anything everyone in the helicopter could hear you (7 passengers plus the pilot) The pilot had a really good playlist on his ipod that we could hear through the headphones. It was really appropriate, mostly 70's stuff, as we took off it was "magic carpet ride" and as we came over the rim of the canyon it was that music they always play with footage of the moonlanding (bam bam bambam) hope that made sense. Anyway I kept wanting to sing cause it was good music and then I would realise no don't do that everyone will hear of course I realised after we got off the helicopter I could have just bent the mike out of the way and relaxed.


At 16 January 2010 12:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The eagle has landed.
Your trip just gets better and better.
over and out


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