Thursday, 14 January 2010


This is one of the 3 rollercoasters at the top of the Stratosphere tower that scott did on xmas day. And yes it is hanging over the edge, it opens up and spins around. I just went up to the top of the tower and took photos. It was quite funny everyone else on the ride we screaming there hearts out except for scott and teh guy sitting next to him who looked like they were having a good old chat. The stratosphere is quite a long way down the strip away from the rest of the casinos so the area is a little dingy. It was quite cool though when we went into the casino it was daylight and by the time we got our tickets and lined up it was dark so we got to see all the lights it was an amazing view.


At 16 January 2010 9:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel a little bit woosey just thinking about going on a ride like that.
I'm with you Monique I would have been the photographer too.
You are a very brave boy Scott.
He was probably screaming inside but just hides it well.....
Love Lynda


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