Thursday, 14 January 2010

Christmas in Las Vegas 09

Hi everybody.

Yes i have been neglecting the blog again sorry. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New year. Now THIS IS THE 1ST OF 14 ENRTIES about our recent trip to Las Vegas, that is in capitals because last time I did a mammoth set of entries a few people only noticed the first 4.

Anyway we opened all our presents on Christmas eve night as we had to get up at 4 am to be at the airport at 5am Christmas morning for our 7am flight. Our flight to Las Vegas went via Salt Lake City, so we can say we had a white christmas this year too because we had to get off the plane on the tar mac and walk through the snow to get into the terminal. We arrived in Vegas at about 11.30 and pretty hungry as domestic flights don't serve food.

This trip was all about doing the things we missed out on last time oh and enjoying some sunshine because we had forgotten what that was. We stayed at Caesars Palace, we wanted to be in a more central location on the strip this time. For some unknown reason we have no photos of caesars itself I'm unsure how we quite managed that. Anyway it was really nice, we had an over 100m walk from the elevators in our tower to our room but hey we had to walk off all that xmas food anyway. Part of Caesars is the Forum Shops (which we missed last time somehow?) which was really cool gave us a lot more food options than just the restaurants in the casino too and shopping.

Vegas was a lot busier than I thought it would be at this time of the year, but then again most of the people were asian or indian so maybe they don't celebrate xmas anyway. But we were really surprised at how many people were there with small kids, you would walk throught the casinos and there were these poor kids sitting up against the walls and in the corners playing on there nintendo ds's while there parents gambled it was really sad.

Christmas Day we arrived and went and picked up our Ka tickets (Cirque du Soliel) from the MGM then we jumped on the monorail (which is expensive but rather handy and goes the whole length of the strip pretty much which we didn't realise last time) and went down to Stratosphere so scott could do all the rollercoasters at the top of the tower. We went to the buffet at caesars for tea and ate far too much the desserts were amazing there was a chocolate fountain.

Boxing Day we went out to the outlet mall and did some shopping (along with everyone else), and had a wander along the strip. We did a bus tour out to Hoover Dam on the sunday which was really cool more about that later. Sunday night we went to Cirque du Soliel's Ka it was really cool very different to the other cirque's I've seen a bit more masculine perhaps (there is kung fu) the stage was pretty amazing it tilted up 90 degrees and spun around and moved forward and back.

The next day we did the winddancer tour with Maverick helicopters to the Grand canyon, it cost a bit but it was well worth it. The tour was in 3 legs the first took us over lake las vegas, lake mead and the hoover dam to the grand canyon where we landed at the bottom and got out and had champagne and pastries and a wander around. The next leg Scott and I were in the front seats and we went through the canyon abit and out of it and to a refueling station now although this was the shortest leg I think it was the best to be in the front as it had all the sweepy corners and stuff where the other legs were pretty straight. The final leg took us back to Vegas and over the strip. It was absolutely amazing well worth it and it was both of ours first time in a helicopter which was cool.

On the tuesday we had a last wander down the strip before heading out to the airport 3 hours early as the tv was making a big deal of all the extra security precautions, but they had extra queues open so it wasn't too bad at all.

We had an absolutely fabulous time, if anyone is considering going to vegas do it is is awesome even if you don't gamble.

Just a reminder this is the first entry of 14, please check them all out, you may have to click on some of teh ones on the side to bring some of them up.

Oh and the first picture is the gingerbread house we made before christmas it was really yum too.

catch ya later

love Monique and Scott


This is one of the 3 rollercoasters at the top of the Stratosphere tower that scott did on xmas day. And yes it is hanging over the edge, it opens up and spins around. I just went up to the top of the tower and took photos. It was quite funny everyone else on the ride we screaming there hearts out except for scott and teh guy sitting next to him who looked like they were having a good old chat. The stratosphere is quite a long way down the strip away from the rest of the casinos so the area is a little dingy. It was quite cool though when we went into the casino it was daylight and by the time we got our tickets and lined up it was dark so we got to see all the lights it was an amazing view.

Only in vegas

We joked about finding a costume rental place and renting a white dress and a tux just to wind everyone up, but i just had a photo with the sign instead.


This was taken at the concierge of the MGM when we went to pick up our tickets for Cirque du Soliel. This was our first stop after we had checked in at our hotel, thought we would get that job out of the way, but everyone obviously thought the same thing we had to line up for ages.

There weren't really as many christmas decorations around as I thought there would be. They had some giant mirrored presents at the Belagio but when I saw them I didn't have the camera (I had swapped bags after one of our tours) and when I went back the next day to take a photo of them they had gone.

the strip

This is us out side new york new York. A trip to vegas isn't complete with out a photo of the strip at night.

Rainforest cafe MGM

This photo hasn't turned out that well but this restaurant was really cool. It was all done like a rainforest and there were robot animals in amongst it that roared etc every now and again. It looked like it was raining around the bar and we were seated next to a waterfall. They had an awesome dessert on the menu that was a volcano made of chocolate cake and icecream but it was huge and we were too full.

Hoover Dam

No don't jump puki! We had quite a bit of time to walk around after our tour of the powerstaion (which is explained more in the following entry got my order up the wally). The state border in the middle of the dam isn't as obvious as I thought it would be. They are currently constructing a massive bridge across the gorge for a new highway which is quite impressive I think it will probably overshadow the dam when it is completed. Hot tip: The cafe at the dam is aweful and super expensive.

Hoover Dam part 2

This is us at Hoover Dam. We did a bus tour from Vegas which included a tour of the power station. As there were only 6 people including us in our tour group we left early and got to see a lot more than you usually do on the same tour. The driver took us over to the Arizona side to look at the dam from that side which meant we got to drive over it and also got to see the massive overflow tunnels. Down inside the powerstation we went quite a way below ground and some of teh walls were wet which was a little disconcerting. We only got the basic tour, I think scott would have really enjoyed the extended tour had we known about it beforehand. The little bits that stick up on the dam at either end are toilets they have big Art Deco brass doors to get inside and then it is institutional green tiles and what i imagine is the original decor, on entering you think it is going to be all flash but then no. It was really awesome anyway and a gorgeous sunny day as you can see.


This is me at the palazzo shops next to the Venetian. The Christmas decorations were amazing behind scott the photographer were people on stilts dressed in white and silver meant to be an ice king and queen I think, there was a huge queue to have photos with them, so I chose the flowers instead.

Grand Canyon

This is us in the helicopter on our way to the Grand Canyon. The microphones were voice activated so if you said anything everyone in the helicopter could hear you (7 passengers plus the pilot) The pilot had a really good playlist on his ipod that we could hear through the headphones. It was really appropriate, mostly 70's stuff, as we took off it was "magic carpet ride" and as we came over the rim of the canyon it was that music they always play with footage of the moonlanding (bam bam bambam) hope that made sense. Anyway I kept wanting to sing cause it was good music and then I would realise no don't do that everyone will hear of course I realised after we got off the helicopter I could have just bent the mike out of the way and relaxed.

Grand Canyon Part 2

Here is Scott in the Canyon. The size of it is just insane! When we were flying in to the canyon we went past the skybridge the little glass bottomed viewing deck on the side, it looked like a pimple. We got a much better view.

Grand canyon Part 3

This is me at the canyon. As I was drugged up on travel sick medication I didn't get to enjoy the champagne when we landed in the canyon itself which was a bit stink. Actually I only had 1 day not on travel sick stuff entire time we were there, needless to say very tired. I didn't jump in the pilots seat for the photo as another girl did and got told off.

Grand Canyon part 4

Hi This is us at the Grand Canyon, photo taken by the pilot. He must really get sick of taking everyones photos all day long. He was really nice.

Last Night

This was our last night in Vegas, this was taken at the Trevi cafe in the Forum Shops and yes it is actually inside. Had really good traditional italian pizza.

Well thats all for now.
Catch ya later

love Monique and Scott